Ed Acosta for District 4 County Supervisor: Watsonville needs trusted leadership rooted in the community

County supervisor candidate Ed Acosta
(Via Ed Acosta)

Ed Acosta began working in Watsonville agriculture as a teen, when he worked in the strawberry fields. He continues to work in agriculture and writes that he has strong ideas on job creation and workforce maintenance and protection. He is not a career politician, but calls himself a man of action and argues that he’s the best choice for District 4.

I am a native son of Watsonville, born to immigrant parents and a child of agriculture, the leading industry in our county.

From my first summer job as a teenager picking strawberries in the fields to my present management position with a major berry producer, I have firsthand experience with our economy, jobs and our community’s needs. I recognize the paramount importance of preserving our farmland and the jobs that accompany it. I also believe in protecting the Pajaro River and its levees and supporting our workforce—our most precious resource.

I am not a career politician.

These extraordinary times of climate-impacted change and workforce and housing shortages call for a new kind of leader, with an unwavering will to reject “politics as usual” and to welcome and embrace the views and needs of constituents.

I’m a listener. I’m also a person of action.

The challenges we face are more urgent than ever. Housing costs and the availability of decent housing are among my top priorities. We also need to work on job creation and developing our economy.

Highway 1 is a nightmare. We need better transportation, roads and critical infrastructure. I’m also intent on health care, public safety, the environment and issues affecting our quality of life. If granted the privilege of representing District 4, I pledge to work energetically and collaboratively with my board colleagues to solve these challenges for generations to come.

South County needs have been left out for too long. If I am supervisor, I will make sure South County is represented and our needs are met.

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I am a husband and father of three children, whom my wife and I raised here in the Pajaro Valley.

Community service has always been a central element of my life. As a master’s athlete, I believe in the value and importance of sports and an active lifestyle. I have served as a Little League coach and cross country and track and field running coach for our community. I try to pass forward the skills and values I was fortunate to learn as a youth.

Moreover, I now serve on the Santa Cruz County Board of Education, the Watsonville Planning Commission, and the board of directors for Independence Square (a federal HUD housing agency for our seniors and disabled).

I offer the right combination of leadership, experience, and integrity to successfully meet the responsibilities and the opportunities your next county supervisor will face.

Ed Acosta works in agricultural management and is a master’s athlete. He serves on the City of Watsonville Planning Commission and the county board of education and has lived in Santa Cruz County for 53 years.

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