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COVID PM: State & county officials see data shift a bit differently

Hello, fine people of Santa Cruz County. Amidst the fear of yet more fire destruction and preparation for a presidential swap-out, there was still news to be had on the COVID-19 front — and it was a mixed bag between what was being said by state and local officials.

Despite a mind-numbing stat — on Tuesday California passed the 3 million mark for coronavirus cases — state officials talked about “rays of hope” given the fact positivity rate has showed some decline.

And while that was also true at the local level, Santa Cruz County Health Officer Gail Newel was far more cautious in her interpretation of that data.

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Roughly 1 out of 13 Californians have been infected

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It went from people not knowing anyone who had been infected with the virus, to people at least not knowing anyone who had died from it to, well, most people now knowing some of each. Numbers that came out Tuesday confirm the somewhat shocking prevalence of COVID-19 in the Golden State.


Despite state optimism, numbers still grim here, Newel says


COVID TODAY: While virtually all COVID-19 statistics improved slightly Tuesday, Newel described the improvements as minuscule at best. She told Lookout that the county recorded 320 new cases in a 24-hour period over the weekend — a record — and that officials are “waiting for that spike in cases to hit the hospitals.”


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Newel, UC Santa Cruz infectious disease expert Marm Kilpatrick and Erica Padilla-Chavez, CEO of Pajaro Valley Prevention & Student Assistance, who also is a member of the Pajaro Valley Save Lives team, will headline our free virtual conversation about the health impacts of the pandemic, with Lookout amassing questions for the panelists beforehand through its COVID 2021 initiative. Attendees also can submit questions during the live event on Zoom. Mallory Pickett, Lookout’s lead correspondent covering the pandemic, and Executive Editor Chris Fusco will moderate the panel discussion. For the first time at a Lookout event, we’ll offer simultaneous Spanish interpretation, through a separate Zoom audio channel.
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