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COVID PM: The pandemic sacks the Saturn Cafe...we try to help your vax hunt via video

Happy Vax Day, everyone. I got my first jab as planned today (Moderna to the left shoulder) and I’d call the side effects minimal to this point some six hours later:

The shoulder is getting more sore by the minute and will clearly be balking at me as I try to use it for surfboard propulsion in the morning. (According to a viral TikTok, referenced below, I guess I’m supposed to be swinging that puppy around like a windmill. But I’m not so good at following TikTok protocol.)

A decent headache has emerged in the last hour and I’ll probably heed the nurse’s advice when I get home and take some Tylenol, which she said was the preferred choice over Advil.

But, hey, all in all these feel like minor first-world problems — nothing I can’t keep typing up some COVID PM through, so let’s do this...

NOT THE SATURN! Even if it’s not a joint I’ve stepped foot in since I was in my 20s, the Saturn Cafe was uniquely Santa Cruz on many levels. Wallace Baine provides a little of that perspective below.
VAX 101 VIDEO: Knowing how many new people have been introduced to the vaccine hunt process, Mallory Pickett was nice enough to put together a handy dandy video guide for folks to watch. Popcorn optional.
VAX GUIDE: A starting point of local resources for those just getting into the vaccine hunt.

To the headlines we go...

Wither the Saturn Cafe, a Santa Cruz classic

The Saturn Cafe at Laurel and Pacific will be no more.
(Via Saturn Cafe)

COVID ECONOMY: The posts pointed to the obvious culprit in the closing of one of Santa Cruz’s most idiosyncratic and personality-driven restaurants. Citing that the Saturn had survived fires, earthquakes, and floods, “nothing has ever brought us to our knees like this pandemic.” Wallace tells us more here.

Yes, there’s a video for that!


VAX ‘WATCH’: How to find your dose from that magical little vile above, that is the question. While eligibility has swung open wide, less certain is the where, when and how of you fitting into that equation. Mallory turned on her cam and walked us all through the process. If you or a loved one is on the hunt, this is a pretty valuable eight minutes spent right here.

VACCINE WATCH: Lookout gives you the reference resources to get your vaccine hunt started >> Right here

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Airports get into the mental heath game

File image of people in an airport
(via Pixabay)

PANDEMIC LIFE: As more people return to air travel, tension is mounting in airports nationwide. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is among those that have responded to the pandemic-related stress and fear among passengers and employees by offering services such as meditation, chaplains and other help in their terminals. More here from Kaiser Heath News.

Airline Middle Seats Are COVID Risk, CDC Says, With Caveats (Bloomberg)
Study suggests airline passenger spacing will slow COVID-19 spread (CIDRAP)

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Hey, tomorrow is Friday — how did that happen?

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