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COVID PM: ‘Vax for cash’ ups the ante for Californians, new financial relief proposal on the way

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Vax for cash: Big bucks to those who get their shots


Newsom’s ‘Vax for the Win’ offer to Californians: For those who are insufficiently compelled by civic duty and self-preservation to get vaccinated, Gov. Gavin Newsom is offering another reason to get the jab: cold, hard cash. Newsom announced a $116.5 million “Vax for the Win” program, the largest inoculation lottery program in the country. The money will be split among dozens of lucky Californians: $1.5 million to each of 10 “grand cash prize” winners who will be picked by random draw on June 15, and another $50,000 will be awarded to 30 “Fridays for 30” winners to be selected by random draw on June 4 and June 11. More from CalMatters on that here.

New California COVID-19 relief on the way

Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed SB 1253 to make some well-placed tweaks to the initiative process.

Relief could include checks, business grants, child savings accounts: The California Legislature is weighing a raft of proposals to provide new financial help to residents who have suffered economic hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic, including rent relief, state stimulus checks and grants for small businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to start new ventures. More from the LA Times here.

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Why experts are convinced most vaccinated people don’t need masks


Experts saying it’s safe to stop wearing masks: Optimism about the extraordinary effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines is growing and causing even the most cautious health experts to stop wearing face coverings in more settings. The new confidence comes as an increasing number of studies underscores how effective the vaccines are — at preventing not only severe disease and death, but also infections. And even in the rare cases where vaccinated people get the virus, scientists say they’re far less likely to transmit it. More from the Times here.

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