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COVID PM: Workplace mask protocol, what to make of Disneyland and Vegas, baby

Hello, everyone — happy Tuesday evening.

Tomorrow marks two weeks until June 15, which guarantees to be a significant date in COVID-19 history for us all. A day after a holiday Monday very much unlike the one we experienced one year prior, there is much to be unpacked in pandemic news.

Let’s unpack it...

California to consider ending some workplace mask requirements

Santa Monica

“Vaccinated persons are at lower risk for COVID-19 infection and transmission”: A California workplace safety board on Thursday is scheduled to consider whether to relax mask and physical distancing rules for workers. The proposal would allow workers in a room to take off masks if everyone in a room is fully vaccinated and do not have COVID-19 symptoms. Masks would still be required if anyone in a room was not fully vaccinated, according to the proposal. More here from the LA Times.

70% of adult Californians are partially vaccinated against COVID-19: One month ahead of the target date set by the Biden administration, California has now at least partially vaccinated 70% of its adult residents against COVID-19. More from the Times here.

Coronavirus name game: Farewell, B.1.1.7. Hello, Alpha!


Do you confuse the B.1.1.7 coronavirus variant with B.1.351? The COVID-19 pandemic is confusing enough without arcane scientific nomenclature getting in the way. And so, nearly six months after the emergence of the first variants to “of concern,” the World Health Organization has unveiled a new naming system. More from the Times here.

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Lawmakers urge more help for schools, businesses


Budget talks with Newsom: Democratic leaders of the California Legislature unveiled a state budget blueprint on Tuesday that would boost public schools and small businesses beyond the proposal made last month by Gov. Gavin Newsom, a move that is likely to set the stage for friendly but detailed negotiations before the June 15 constitutional deadline for action. More from the Times here.

Vegas betting on the gamblers, tourists returning


Will lost jobs come back? Las Vegas nearly ground to a halt during the pandemic. Casinos and restaurants are set to return to full capacity Tuesday, but many hospitality workers wonder whether they’ll ever make up their losses. More from the Times here.

Disneyland won’t be locals-only for long

A woman in a pirate costume chatting with mouse-eared guests at Disneyland

Navigating the reduced-capacity lines: Until June 15, Disneyland is for California residents only due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Cast member insights on a day experiencing reduced-capacity lines. More from the Times here.

More from here & elsewhere

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Wow, tomorrow is already Wednesday — see you then, everyone.

Mark Conley
Deputy Managing Editor