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COVID PM & BEYOND: Fukushima wonders where it’s golden Olympic moment went; what to make of the Delta variant

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To the headlines of the day we go, some COVID and some not-so COVID...

The Delta variant: How worried should I be?

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Making some sense of it: The Delta variant, the fourth most-often identified variant in California, may be twice as transmissible as the conventional strain. Unvaccinated people are most at risk. More from the LA Times here.

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Everything you want to know about COVID-19 booster shots


No guarantees: If scientists discover that immunity to the coronavirus starts to wane months or years after vaccination, a booster shot could be deployed. More from the Times here.

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Far from Olympic limelight, the waves of Fukushima are ‘healing’ for local surfers

"We are surfing and you can even fish. There is not a problem," says surfer Morito Murakami, 47, of Fukushima city.
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Ten years later: Fukushima was hoping the Olympics would make people forget the 2011 nuclear disaster. But the best surfers in the world will not be riding the waves along the region’s coast. More from the Times here.

A U.S. town marooned at the tip of a Canadian peninsula

Notary public Julia Carlson, left, stands in Point Roberts, Wash., talking to Khue Le and his wife, Shelby, in Canada.

Caught between a border and a hard place: Point Roberts, Wash., long prospered as an appendage of Canada. But pandemic restrictions cut it off from civilization. More from the Times here.

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Some disabled Californians feel abandoned by Newsom’s Golden State Stimulus


Here’s why: Gov. Gavin Newsom sent $600 Golden State Stimulus checks to some Californians with disabilities, but passed over others. As the Legislature negotiates with Newsom over his proposal to expand the program, Californians who receive Social Security Disability Insurance say they’re fed up with being overlooked during the pandemic. More from CalMatters.

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