COVID 2022

COVID PM & Beyond: A Delta variant update and a story of adult depression

Happy Friday evening, everyone.

Here are the headlines of the day to take us into the weekend...

The Delta variant’s biggest danger: ‘A pandemic of unvaccinated people’


Need to know: The rise of the Delta variant of the coronavirus is focusing new attention on the dangers still posed for people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. More from the LA Times here.

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COVID isn’t spread by mosquitoes — but the next pandemic might be

(Via Pixabay)

The potential bite ahead: As an aggressive mosquito spreads in California, scientists say we got very lucky that the insects couldn’t transmit COVID-19 to people. More from the Times here.

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One man’s ‘slow and spreading numbness’

A letter to my parents about depression and mental illness: I’ve been concealing depression for most of my adult life. My depression was too painful to write about or even admit to myself privately. Now I have nothing to hide. More from the Times’ Frank Shyong.

Oil firms and others face unprecedented pressure to come clean on climate change

Oil rig
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Analysis: Corporations of all kinds are getting an earful from shareholders and the SEC about the need to disclose climate change impacts. More from the Times here.

Bay Federal Credit Union’s new First Time Homebuyer Program has provided loans for eight new homeowners for a total...

California’s eviction moratorium extension: What’s in it for tenants?

Oakland resident Alex Acuña

A closer look: Gov. Newsom and key legislators agree to extend statewide eviction ban through Sept. 30, to provide full back rent for tenants and landlords. The deal includes fixes to speed rent relief payments. More from CalMatters here.

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See you all on Monday. Have a great weekend.

Mark Conley
Deputy Managing Editor