Map showing COVID-19 cases in Santa Cruz County.
COVID 2022

MAP: COVID-19 cases in Santa Cruz County, town by town

COVID-19 cases in Santa Cruz County continued to surge Tuesday, with the county reporting 1,108 active cases and one new death. Early Wednesday morning, the county reported three more deaths bringing the total to 32.

The virus continues to hit particularly hard in South County, where more than 60 percent of cases countywide have occurred. In terms of ethnicity, nearly 60 percent of people who have contracted the virus countywide are Hispanic and Latino, according to the latest county data.

The patient whose death was reported Tuesday was a Latino man in his 80s, and he died on Nov. 21 (it takes some time for the cause of death to be confirmed and the death certificate to be sent). This death was not related to any of the outbreaks at skilled nursing facilities in Santa Cruz County, where two other potential — but unconfirmed — COVID-19 deaths have been reported. Lookout Santa Cruz will work to learn the details of the new deaths reported Wednesday.

The following map shows the number of known cases that have been diagnosed in each community, the percentage of cases they represent countywide, and the percentage of people in the county who live in those communities.

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