A new dashboard shows vaccination progress data for Santa Cruz County.
(Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency)
COVID 2022

Santa Cruz County COVID vaccine updates: At least one shot for 73.5% of eligible residents

The county has rolled out a new vaccination dashboard, and it sorts vaccine progress by demographic, age and health equity metrics down to the ZIP code.

Some 73.5% of all eligible Santa Cruz County residents have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, per data released Monday — putting the county in the middle of the pack compared to its neighbors.

In Santa Clara and Monterey counties, that figure is 77.6% and 62%, respectively; San Benito County reported a 55% rate, while in San Mateo County, 82.9% of eligible residents have had at least one shot.

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Out of all Santa Cruz County residents — including those too young for the shot — 63.1% have had at least one dose.

Santa Cruz County released a new public dashboard of vaccination progress data Monday which, in addition to showing progress within age groups, shows demographic information on who has been vaccinated.

According to the dashboard, 64.7% of the eligible Latinx population has received at least one dose, along with 63.6% of the eligible white population.

Vaccination rates appear similar among the different health equity quartiles (a metric of socio-economic factors).

In quartile 2, the least healthy quartile represented in Santa Cruz County, 69.8% of the population is at least partially vaccinated, compared to 70.4 and 70.3 in quartiles 3 and 4, respectively.