Lookout Update: Cabrillo College extends survey deadline, seeks more responses from youth

Cabrillo College's Aptos campus
(Thomas Sawano / Lookout Santa Cruz)

With a survey soliciting public input on Cabrillo College’s name change having received just over 1,200 responses as of Wednesday, the school has pushed the deadline to March 1 and asked local K-12 school districts to send it out to families.

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Lookout Update on Cabrillo College renaming

Cabrillo College is extending the deadline by one week, or through March 1, for community members to suggest new names for the community college.

“We want more young voices,” Cabrillo spokesperson Kristin Fabos said Wednesday, adding that the college is asking local K-12 school districts to send the survey out to families.

The survey was originally set to close Wednesday. Fabos said the school received 1,215 responses through Wednesday after launching the survey the week of Jan. 23.

The college has seen a high percentage of responses from community members older than 60, but Fabos said officials won’t be releasing those preliminary details yet. She said name suggestions were very broad but added that the college was not yet ready to release those early results, either.

The survey also calls on community members to apply to be part of a 25-member advisory group that will narrow the list of name suggestions to submit to the school’s governing board.

The majority of the board members voted in November to change the name after more than two years of community engagement and research. In August, the board will vote to select a new name.

Cabrillo College is named after Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo — an explorer of the California coastline whose expedition is considered to have cleared the way for the colonial conquest of California and the violent treatment of Native people.

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