Lookout Update: Cabrillo College name selection task force to hold first meeting next month

On Cabrillo College's Aptos campus
On Cabrillo College’s Aptos campus.
(Thomas Sawano / Lookout Santa Cruz)

With a list of about 400 suggested new names for Cabrillo College, a trustee-led group of community members will convene in April for the first of a series of meetings, aiming to whittle those suggestions to a shortlist of three to five.

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Lookout Update on Cabrillo College renaming

Early next month, a group of community members will start meeting to sift through hundreds of options for a potential new name for Cabrillo College.

After the school’s governing board voted in November to change the name, a subcommittee of the board invited 29 community members to be part of the process.

Subcommittee members Christina Cuevas and Adam Spickler say they’ve almost completed forming the name selection task force and it includes a wide range of people from sectors such as supporters of the Cabrillo College Foundation, Cabrillo retirees, businesses, nonprofits and current students, staff and faculty. Cuevas said they’re waiting to hear back from several people.

That group will meet virtually with Cuevas and Spickler on April 7 to set out guidelines for five task-force meetings that will eventually end with a shortlist of three to five potential names for the college.

The school launched a survey for anyone to make suggestions on Cabrillo’s new name and received about 1,500 responses. After removing duplicates and any names of individuals, about 400 names remained, according to Cuevas and Spickler.

They said they wouldn’t release names of name selection task force members nor any new college name proposals until after the group’s first meeting.

However, there is one name suggestion Spickler said he has been enjoying sharing with people who ask.

“Stinky Butt College,” he said. “That is still on the list. I assume that’s going to be winnowed out pretty quickly as it does not meet what we will set forth as our guiding principles. But we’re not taking Stinky Butt College off the list as of yet as we’ve not met yet.”

Cuevas and Spickler said many of the survey respondents clearly spent time answering the survey and added thoughtful reasons for their suggestions.

“Most people did geographic names,” she said. “Some people suggested names that related to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band members.”

The task force is planning to meet four times before bringing a smaller list of suggestions to community forums that will be scheduled in June. After those community forums, the task force will meet one more time to discuss input from the forums, aiming to select a name to recommend to trustees to vote on at their August meeting.

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