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Here’s a list of student deals from businesses in and around Santa Cruz County. All deals are featured in Student Lookout. Many places offer student discounts and don’t advertise it; just try asking at any store and you might get 10% off!

Downtown Santa Cruz

Around town

Good deals in Santa Cruz for students to know about

  • Santa Cruz Cinema: $5 tickets on Tuesdays.
  • Kianti’s: BOGO signature cocktail with the purchase of any entree.
  • Del Mar Theatre: $7 tickets on Tuesdays for all.
  • Pizza My Heart slice cards: Pick up a Frequent Muncher card and earn free slices.
  • Bike deal: At Lulu Carpenter’s Midtown, bicyclists going through the drive-thru get 10% off.

Outside of Santa Cruz


  • Amazon: Students get 50% off Prime, plus free two-day shipping.
  • Apple: Apple education pricing.
  • AT&T: Discount on wireless services.
  • Microsoft: Students and parents save 10%.
  • Spotify: 50% off Spotify Premium for Banana Slugs.

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