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Santa Cruz Best in Booze of the Year: The Apéro Club

Presented by The NEXTies
The Apéro Club
The Apéro Club opened in August 2020, which hit the ground running with exciting events and a fun new space for wine enthusiasts.
(The Apéro Club)

The Apéro Club, founded by Hannah and Aran Healy, was awarded the 2023 NEXTies Best in Booze of the Year.

Hannah and Aran opened The Apéro Club in August 2020 in the middle of COVID. With restrictions in full force the eclectic interior could only welcome guests at 25% capacity. Today, you will find their indoor tables and patio seating full with everyone from young families to expert wine aficionados.

They now host local pop-ups, offer monthly wine selections to their members, and have created the perfect environment for local natural wine connoisseurs with their ever changing menu.

Get to know Hannah below and be sure to join the NEXTies award show happening at Woodhouse Brewing on March 31. Get your tickets here.

Describe what you do in two sentences.

Hannah: We’re a zealous speciality Natural Wine Bottle Shop and Bar: nothing added, nothing taken!

What inspired you to pursue your current path, and how did you get started?

Hannah: Traveling, experiencing the wine industry outside of California’s wealth and arbitrary rules. Natural wine is rock n roll and the people who make it inspire me with every sip!

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement so far in your career, and why?

Hannah: Apero is our crown jewel. It feels like our living room, and we hope you feel like you’re at the best dinner party of your life.

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

Hannah: Incorporating classes for y’all, chef hosted dinners, and some off campus beach bashes.

What are your future career goals and aspirations?

Hannah: We’d like to host our very own tasting, hosting natural wine makers from around the world, right here in Santa Cruz and connect the circle for everyone who’s enjoyed wine with us!

What role do you believe mentorship and networking have played in your success?

Hannah: I’ve worked in the wine and hospitality industry for most of my life and I will tell you, you can eat at the greatest restaurant in the world, but if the server was rude in anyway, you won’t remember the meal at all. But you can bet you’ll remember that server. I think about that every moment I’m in my shop.

How do you stay connected with your community?

Hannah: I never cross the street when you see someone I know coming. I’ve always got time for you. Always, bestie.

What does being a NEXTie honoree mean to you?

Hannah: Hopefully it means I’m not new point local, but it probably doesn’t lol.

Who will be joining you at this year’s NEXTies award show on March 31?

Hannah: My husband, bff, and partner in all things.

Anything else you would like to share?

Hannah: Asking questions is cool! Aloofness is not! Wine isn’t snooty, snooty people are. Natural is more than organic! ALWAYS APERO! Okay, I’m done.

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