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25+ World class breweries on the Cali Coast collaborate for special beer pack release

Presented by Bay Area Brewers Guild
Central Coast Brewers beers
World-class breweries dot the Coast, from Carmel-by-the-Sea to Pacifica. Learn more about these Bay Area Brewers Guild members at DrinkBay.Beer

Right now, in your backyard, world-class craft breweries are serving up fresh, hand-crafted selections along with diverse food options, and in inviting spaces where people are kicking back, sharing stories, and remembering what community is all about.

That is the bounty of the Coast’s amazing craft brewing scenes.

Over twenty-five independent craft breweries (read: small, family & friend-owned businesses where the wares they make, and jobs they create, are all local) are sprinkled up and down Highway 1, bringing back community by breaking liquid bread in their tasting rooms, and in doing so, reviving the simple concept of appreciating a well-crafted artisan product while reconnecting with family, friends and neighbors.

Central Coast Brewers beers
High Seas is one of eight stellar selections included in a Coast Mixed Pack shipping to 33 states via Half Time Beverage. Visit DrinkBay.Beer to pre-order and share the Coast beer scene.

And “world class” is no empty praise. At least six of these breweries have resident brewers who’ve earned industry accolades for being among the best in the world, with multiple medals over multiple years to prove it: Alvarado Street Brewery, Peter B’s Brewpub, Discretion Brewing Co., New Bohemia Brewing Co., Corralitos Brewing Co. and Pacifica Brewery.

Two of these breweries, Alvarado and Pacifica, join Humble Sea Brewing Co. and Other Brother Beer Co. in providing two releases each for a special Coast Mixed Pack available through Half Time Beverage. This special pack will be shipping to 33 states later this month, making for a great opportunity for you to share the Coast’s amazing beer scene with family or friends in other parts of the country. Pre-order here now.

With such a collaborative bunch, it’s no surprise Discretion reached out to Hop Dogma and Other Brother to put out a collaboration IPA in time for April’s earlier Coast Brewer Weekend. This special release, Cool Cats, is available to-go and on draft.

Central Coast Brewers beers
Discretion knows how to have fun with friends, like this recent collaboration release with Hop Dogma and Other Brother, Cool Cats (draft and to go).

Consider enjoying this or any of Discretion’s excellent brews while catching a live show in its beer garden, like ‘First Friday Folk’ featuring The Swirly Girls. Joining Discretion in regularly hosting local bands are Shanty Shack Brewing Co., Woodhouse Blending & Brewing, Steel Bonnet Brewing Co., Highway 1 Brewing Co. and others, and in general, entertaining activities -- live music and DJs, comedy, trivia, art showcase, and more -- are mainstays at local tasting rooms.

Other Brother turns up the volume for Vinyl Wednesday. The Slough Collective and Fruition Brewing offer most festive First Fridays. Hop Dogma unleashes the Comedy Sharks twice a month. New Bohemia, Pedro Point Brewing Co., Mad Pursuit Brewing Co., and others test one’s mental mettle regularly with popular trivia nights.

More than just the quality of the products, diverse beer styles, and settings for conviviality, local breweries are active in their communities and give back in many ways. Just two examples (and there are many more): Humble Sea sets aside a yearly donation budget to support organizations advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and environmental stewardship. Greater Purpose Brewing Co. makes public service its primary mission. A regular host of LGBTQ events in collaboration with The Neighbor’s Pub, Greater Purpose holds two Pride Pints nights every weekend, dog adoption on Sundays with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, and the occasional drag show. Good beers, goog times, and good work :)

Central Coast Brewers beers
A recent Hop Dogma’s offering included the award-winning Venti Is Large coffee stout.

Food pairings is another area where local breweries shine. Think Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. and Peter B’s for brunch; Fruition for oysters and more seafood fare; Brewery Twenty Five for its collaborations with local food artisans (coffee roasters, pastry shops); and Sacrilege Brewery & Kitchen showcasing great local ingredients (artichokes, yah!).

All this to say, there’s a lot going on, on any given weekend, at your neighborhood brewery, along with really, really fine brews. You can track events, offerings and brewer and beer news at DrinkBay.Beer, a site of discovery for the Bay Area’s many craft beer scenes, brought to you by the nonprofit Bay Area Brewers Guild. Cheers, and thanks for supporting your local brewer.

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