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Introducing Lookout’s new, streamlined COVID Dashboard

covid graph

Only what you need: Our revised data set includes the most important numbers to provide us all the context we need for the moment we’re in, while dropping other data that has become less relevant. We’ll continue to update these useful and telling numbers as we navigate through the next state of normal, and keep an eye on the ever-evolving public health guidelines. Max Chun with the updates here.

How effective are COVID-19 vaccines for children 5-11?

Nicolas Angulo, 14, gets his first vaccine at San Pedro Senior High
(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

New data offer some answers: Data show vaccines are effective against hospitalizations, although effectiveness against infection does wane. But that’s not surprising. More from the LA Times here.

U.S. officials deploy more troops to Europe as Russian advance stalls

Russian president Vladimir Putin
(Via Pixabay)

Numbers growing: U.S. officials deploy more troops to Europe as Russian advance stalls in its unprovoked attack of Ukraine, while the Kremlin appears to recruit Syrian fighters. More from the LA Times here.


New Russian cease-fire offer greeted with scorn as shelling of Ukraine cities continues

A Ukrainian military vehicle speeds by on a main road near Sytnyaky, Ukraine
(Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times)

History is telling: Two previous cease-fires went nowhere, trapping hundreds of thousands of people trying to flee Ukrainian cities under heavy assault by Russian forces. More from the Times here.

U.S. considers banning Russian oil, easing sanctions on Venezuela (Times)

How badly will Russia’s war torpedo hopes for global climate cooperation?

Rocky Mountain forests
(Bob Berwyn / Inside Climate News

What kind of lasting damage? Russia was an international foot dragger on climate solutions before it invaded Ukraine, but it was cooperating on Arctic issues. Are those days over? The Times investigates here.

Biden’s EPA proposes new rule to reduce smog from trucks and other heavy vehicles

cars truck climate

Clamping down: The Environmental Protection Agency proposes new cuts to heavy vehicle emissions, targeting those chemicals that produce lung-damaging smog. More from the Times here.

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Gas prices are soaring in California. Here’s how to find the cheapest gas near you

Men walk past a gas station display with prices well above $6 per gallon
(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Prices soaring: From online services to paying with cash, here are some ways to save at the pump with the average gallon of gas in Santa Cruz County going for $5.26. More on what to look for here.

Can a fragile rat survive the loopholes in endangered species protections?

The San Bernardino kangaroo rat.
(Via U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

What it means: Conservationists rejoiced when California declared the San Bernardino kangaroo rat an endangered species. The celebration was short-lived, however. More from the Times here.

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