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LOOKOUT PM: UCSC gender rankings; Belli on food

Happy Tuesday evening, everybody. The Lookout crew hopes your Valentine’s Day was a good and peaceful one, filled with the love of partners and/or friends.

Our mini-heatwave is over, and the weather is beginning to feel a bit more like mid-February. But it’s still beautiful out there.

Ahh... With that, let’s get to your headlines.

UC Santa Cruz first in U.S. for female leadership

Cynthia Larive stepped in as UCSC chancellor on the verge of a historically challenging year.
Cynthia Larive stepped in as UCSC chancellor on the verge of a historically challenging year.
(Carolyn Lagattuta / UC Santa Cruz)

Top of the class: With more than a third of the campus’ deans and tenured professors being female, UC Santa Cruz — and its female chancellor, Cynthia Larive — leads the nation in gender diversity, according to a new ranking. Lookout’s Hillary Ojeda has the details here.

More UCSC news: Appellate court ruling a victory for UCSC in Student Housing West project, but two lawsuits ongoing

Masks staying on at Gayle’s, Rosie McCann’s to reopen, and Marco’s seltzer addiction

Vineyard at Windy Oaks Estate

Lily Belli on Food: California is lifting its universal mask mandate, but not all restaurants are ready to say goodbye to face coverings. The current mandate was put in place on Dec. 15 in response to the surging Omicron variant, and was originally set to expire in January before being extended another month. Get more details on the food and drink scene here.

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Newsom nominates first Latina to California Supreme Court

State Associate Justice Patricia Guerrero
State Associate Justice Patricia Guerrero is Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new pick for the California Supreme Court. Photo via California Courts

High court pick: Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday nominated to the state Supreme Court a San Diego appeals court justice who, if confirmed, would be the first Latina to serve on California’s highest court. Colleagues have praised Guerrero for her on-the-job dedication — so much so that she once finished a criminal hearing brief while in labor and en route to the hospital. Read more from our partners at the LA Times here.

Court could force UC Berkeley to cut 3,000 undergraduate seats, freeze enrollment

The UC Berkeley campus
(Via Pixabay)

Go (away) Bears?: UC Berkeley could be forced to slash its incoming undergraduate class by one-third, or 3,050 seats, and forgo $57 million in lost tuition. The court-imposed freeze could have implications for other UC campuses, including UC Santa Cruz, although at Berkeley, the campus exceeded its own projected enrollment cap, a fact that might set it apart. See more of the details here.


ICYMI: K-Squid proving that radio still has staying power

Staffers at KSQD-FM
Staffers at KSQD-FM get their cephalopod on.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Still broadcasting: The tide seemed to be going out on radio when KSQD launched at 90.7 FM in 2019, amid growing audiences for Spotify and its ilk, but the community-focused station with distinctly local voices has proved Wallace Baine’s skepticism wrong and carved out a niche in Santa Cruz. See his thoughts here.

More Wallace: Icons of Santa Cruz: The centurion of West Cliff Drive

Avocado spat with Mexico puts California farmers in spotlight

Avocados to make guacamole are prepared
California produces the majority of U.S.-grown avocados but only about 10% of the total consumed nationwide.
(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

Cross-boarder concerns: A security spat between the United States and Mexico that threatens the avocado supply in the U.S. is putting the spotlight on California farmers, a major U.S. supplier of the fruit. The U.S. on Friday suspended all avocado imports from Michoacán, the only Mexican state approved for avocado exports, after a U.S. plant inspector there received a threatening phone call. More details here.

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And that’s the way it was for this Tuesday night. See you back tomorrow.

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