Jamileh Cannon chats with Doug Fisher of Santa Cruz County Bank at the site groundbreaking.
(Via Josh Bootz / 7Roots Creative)
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LOOKOUT PM: Why housing projects take so long & why we love Pi(e) Day

Happy Tuesday evening, folks.

Yes, I guess we will call those few droplets we saw early today spring showers. But, man, we could use some more. Here are the official spritzing totals.

We do keep pouring out useful journalism for you though regardless of what Mother Nature does with her end of the bargain. To those headlines...

Why does it take so long to get one Santa Cruz housing project off the ground?

Jamileh Cannon and partner Tim Gordin address the Workbench team at the site's groundbreaking on February 24.
(Courtesy of Josh Bootz, 7Roots Creative)

Four years and counting: Three weeks ago, local developer Workbench broke ground on a 13-townhouse development in Soquel. Lookout talked to founding partner Jamileh Cannon about why it took so long to begin building — the impact of legislative efforts to speed construction of housing. Grace Stetson with the details here.

Book a stay at a Santa Cruz ‘super-rental’: It’s only $1,000 a night (GS)
Want to rent a Santa Cruz studio? You’ll pay double what you paid last year (GS)

Pi(e) Day!, more Flashbirds & winning Santa Cruz olive oil

Nita Gizdich holding up one of her famous berry pies.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Lily Belli on Food: Did you celebrate Pi(e) Day yesterday? The date 3.14 corresponds to the mathematical number pi, the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. On what should be the most delicious of holidays, it’s customary to enjoy a slice of pie, everyone’s favorite circular dessert. That and much more from Lily here.


ICYMI: She wanted a Santa Cruz woman in Sacramento, so this veteran politico called her own number

Close up of an older woman with red hair
(Kevin Painchaud | Lookout Santa Cruz)

‘What about me?’: Recruitment of others led Gail Pellerin to the revelation that no one has better qualifications for the California State Assembly than herself. That’s why the noted advocate for voting rights and mental health awareness is attempting to become the first area woman to ever earn an elected seat in state government. The Q&A here.

Coronavirus cases are rising in Europe. Is it a warning for California?

Tourists arrive at a train station in Malaga, Spain.

What we know: Throughout the pandemic, the U.S. has followed Europe by several weeks in waves of cases, and that could happen again, health experts warn. More from the LA Times here.

Check out Lookout’s new COVID tracker here

Californians used more water as state braces for another dry year

A sprinkler waters grass
(Via Pixabay)

Water issues persist: New data from urban areas suggests that people are ignoring Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pleas for voluntary conservation during the drought. Some experts say it’s time for Newsom to issue a mandatory order. More from CalMatters here.

➤ WORKING FOR A SAFER ENVIRONMENT: See all the most recent listings here.

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Journalist who protested Ukraine war on live Russian TV is released after 14 hours of questioning

A journalist protests the war on live Russian TV.
(Via Twitter)

Catch and release: A journalist held who up an antiwar sign behind the anchorwoman of one of Russia’s most-watched news shows was released after her arrest. More from the Times here.

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky speaking to Congress on Wednesday. What does he want? (Times)

Why California gas prices are so high and vary so widely: ‘Mystery surcharge’ and more

Juan Galaiviz of Santa Ana pumps gas into his car at a Chevron gas station in Orange
(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

What it means: Gas prices seem to have little logic, especially since Russia invaded Ukraine. Culprits? A combination of market forces, the “mystery gas surcharge” and more. More from the Times here.

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