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LOOKOUT PM: Gail Newel’s story of grief, a parenting column and Community Voices preview

Happy Wednesday, readers,

It was another beautiful day here in Santa Cruz, as previously forecast. That nice weather is still expected to stick around this weekend, so don’t be too bummed about having to work through the sunshine.

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Now, on with the headlines ...

Quelling the ‘stigma of shame’: The county’s top doctor opens up about the pain of losing a child to fentanyl

Gail Newel
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Words from Newel: If it can happen to Santa Cruz County Public Health Officer Gail Newel and her wife, Kelli, both longtime physicians, then it can happen to any family. If it can happen to the highest achievers in our society, like doctors and dentists and lawyers, then it can happen to anyone. Nyeland Newel was a 38-year-old dentist who picked up an opioid craving while at UC Santa Cruz. His addictive genes collided with America’s opioid crisis in tragic fashion. Read the whole story from Mark Conley.

As fentanyl’s painful death toll grows in Santa Cruz, taking young lives, it’s time for meaningful solutions

ICYMI: Nine fun places for kids’ — in-person! — group classes around Santa Cruz County

Summer preparation: Who is ready to let the kids out and into summer classes? Parenting columnist Liza Monroy has tracked down the best of what we know is out there, with key info to aid your planning. Read the debut of Liza Monroy’s parenting column here.

Welcome to the TK challenge: Transitional kindergarten comes with benefits to families, difficulties for administrators

Masks are off, COVID rates are up and musicians are once again on edge about touring

Heather Blume
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

More of the same: A slew of acts have canceled tour dates as COVID cases rise once again, casting a pall over what was shaping up to be a record-setting concert season. Read the whole L.A. Times story here.

COVID Dashboard: Metro ends mask mandate despite cases still ticking up

Push to limit California offshore oil after O.C. spill threatened by high taxpayers costs

Shaun Burns

Environment: Senate Bill 953, a proposal that cleared its first hurdle Tuesday, would allow the State Lands Commission to terminate some offshore oil leases by the end of 2024. More from the L.A. Times here.

California’s malpractice payouts would rise under a deal to avoid a costly ballot fight

State Sen. Richard Pan prepares to announce a bill that adds COVID vaccines to California's list of required shots for K-12

Health: The political deal ensures California’s cap on medical malpractice awards will increase but without a bruising ballot measure battle in November. Read the whole L.A. Times story here.

It’s not just physicians and nurses. Veterinarians are burning out too

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Last, but not least, tomorrow is the official launch date of our new Community Voices section. Headed by our very own Jody K. Biehl, this is our opinion section specifically built for the issues, challenges, and avenues of thought pervading the 2020s.

Check back tomorrow for the first entries in this exciting new chapter here at Lookout.

Community Voices

And with that, I wish you all a good night.

Max Chun