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LOOKOUT PM: Supervisor hopefuls on the hot seat, Assembly candidate op-eds, and expanding the NEST

Happy Thursday, folks,

Friday’s just around the corner and I hope everyone has something fun going on this weekend. Currently, I have no such plans, but that could still change!

We’re looking at very warm weather this weekend, with temperatures predicted to reach up to 80 on Saturday.

And with that, let’s begin Thursday’s headlines with words from 3rd District Supervisor candidates ...

NORTH COUNTY SUPES PART 1: How would they lead, make a difference and build community?

College Ten students Cheru Robinson and Ray Diaz start the John R. Lewis dedication ceremony at the Quarry Amphitheater

Supervisor candidates: With longtime politico Ryan Coonerty bowing out from his duties overseeing most of Santa Cruz and areas north such as Bonny Doon and Davenport, three new, diverse faces are vying for the chance to replace them. Lookout asked them to respond to a wide-ranging set of questions, so you can compare them as we go to the polls on June 7. In Part 1, the three candidates for the District 3 Supervisor seat talk about their leadership skills. Read Part 1 from Mark here.

Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson for 3rd District Supervisor: The times call for an immigrant’s tenacity
Ami Chen Mills for 3rd District Supervisor: We need new ways of thinking and climate expertise
Justin Cummings for 3rd District Supervisor: Santa Cruz needs diverse and experienced leadership


NORTH COUNTY SUPES PART 2: How would they take on homelessness, affordability and climate change?

A visiting nurse prepares a syringe to be used for the vaccine.

Part 2: In Part 2, they take on homelessness, affordability and climate change.Read Mark’s second part here.


Opinion: State Assembly District 28 candidates make their cases

Aptos resident Kelly Spellman at the Blossom's Farmstore & Coffeeshop.

Assembly hopefuls: Gail Pellerin, Joe Thompson, Rob Rennie, and Liz Lawler state what they can offer as 28th District Assemblymember.

Gail Pellerin for Assembly District 28: We need an experienced, empathetic Santa Cruz leader — and a dog in Sacto
Joe Thompson for Assembly District 28: We need to empower young people to vote
Rob Rennie for Assembly District 28: We need a proven, experienced leader
Liz Lawler for Assembly District 28: Vote for a hard worker who cares about details

Weekender: Cabrillo Fest turns 60; Smoke Chaser dreams of California summer; ‘Mulholland’ on the big screen

Heather Blume
(Via Bonica Ayala / Bonica Ayala Photography)

Wallace’s latest: The Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music’s 60th season and the Del Mar’s upcoming “Mulholland Drive” midnight screening are two of the main talking points of the most recent edition of Weekender. Read the whole thing here.

PREVIOUSLY: Grendel, Golems and Godzilla and more: For one weekend, UCSC becomes Monsters U

‘We’re bringing the NEST to more kids’: Digital NEST takes flight in aiming to serve kids in nine communities by 2026

Shaun Burns
(Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz)

The NEST grows: Digital NEST, the acclaimed youth workforce development nonprofit based in Watsonville, is focused on rapid expansion, to nine cities within four years. Stockton is next — after Watsonville, Salinas and Gilroy — and the organization is now figuring out where else to set up shop. More from Hillary Ojeda here.

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... That brings us to the end of Thursday. We hope to see you at our North County Candidate Forum tonight!

If you won’t be attending, then watch it via Zoom from the couch by registering and requesting the link here.

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