A man cycles on a trail alongside a light rail train and train tracks in Watsonville
(Via Friends of the Rail and Trail)
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LOOKOUT PM: Measure D, Round 2; Pac Station groundbreaking; Wallace’s Weekender

Good evening, folks,

I hope everyone had a fine Thursday on this nearly cloudless, almost-summer-like day. It’s going to be a perfect weekend to get out and about, so hit up the closest park, trail, or farmers market and make the most of it!

Once again, a quick reminder about next week’s event.

Next Wednesday, May 25, from 7 p.m. to 8:25 p.m., we will be co-hosting a discussion on affordable housing with Housing Santa Cruz County. Learn how each community is grappling with housing issues and hear from Santa Cruz County leaders on their plans for the present and future. Click the image to register!

On to the headlines, then ...

Weekender: Celebrate Esperanza’s 40th, remembering Audrey as Shakespeare robustly returns and a packed B9 to peruse

Upcoming: Esperanza Del Valle’s 40th anniversary, Audrey Stanley’s passing, and Bob Dylan’s Santa Cruz Civic appearance highlight Wallace’s latest Weekender. See the whole thing here.

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Opinion: Vote yes on Measure D — let’s build a trail now

A visiting nurse prepares a syringe to be used for the vaccine.
(Via Santa Cruz County Greenway)

From YES Greenway: Measure D is the best chance Santa Cruz County has to build a safe and transit-oriented trail from Watsonville to Davenport. We dismiss the “deceptive” campaign slogans of our opponents and explain the facts and objective reports supporting our view. Greenway pits grassroots citizen activists against those who have held power and been wrong about the rail corridor for 35 years. Read the op-ed here.

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Opinion: Vote no on Measure D: Transportation justice demands a no vote

Aptos resident Kelly Spellman at the Blossom's Farmstore & Coffeeshop.
(Via Friends of the Rail and Trail)

From No on D: Measure D is inequitable and environmentally short-sighted. We believe Measure D will forever cut off North County and South County from alternate transportation and will reinforce disparities between north and south. Using the rail corridor for both rail and trail will unite us. Removing the tracks will pull us apart forever. Read the op-ed here.

PREVIOUSLY: Opinion: Vote no on Measure D

Pac Station South groundbreaking begins remake of Lower Pacific

Heather Blume
(Via City of Santa Cruz)

New beginnings: As four new housing projects — aiming to add 185 units around lower Pacific Avenue and Front Street — begin to take shape, Pacific Station South gets going. Grace has the story.

PREVIOUSLY: Housing numbers 101: Santa Cruz County has been told it must build 12,979 more units by 2031. Is that even possible?

Local cred in the spotlight: Takeaways from Tuesday’s South County candidates forum


South County in focus: While Assembly District 30 contenders spent much of their time showing that they know this place where none of them resides, the homegrown District 4 county supervisor hopefuls differed mainly on their priorities and truly diverged on only one big issue. Hint: It involves the future of train transportation in Santa Cruz County. Mark with the story here.

With baby formula scarce, California mothers are sharing their breast milk

Shaun Burns

Dwindling supply: Lactating parents across California are pitching in to help feed other people’s children during the ongoing national baby formula shortage. More from the LA Times here.

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... That’s a wrap on Thursday! Enjoy the evening, and we’ll be back tomorrow.

Max Chun