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LOOKOUT PM: Election Night Live edition...Measure D and so much more

Happy Election Night, folks.

Hope you had your say at the ballot box and now you’re waiting anxiously like the rest of us for that first wave of results after the polls close at 8.

While the signs aren’t good turnout-wise — and we are sure to end tonight in the dubious land of “worst-attended county primary” by the numbers — there is a chance we could climb out of that hole in the coming days if enough late votes from today add up.

Either way, it will end up a disappointing number given what everyone thought was a big, big issue around these parts in Measure D. Maybe people were confused, apathetic or just angry at all the noise over rail vs. rail & trail.

We’ll be monitoring that, along with the county supervisor, state assembly and various other races going down tonight. Here’s the one-stop shop for all of our Election Night Live coverage.

Lookout will also be closely following those storylines on our social channels at Facebook and Twitter::

Now, a few other stories to tell you about today ...

Venus taps chef John Harry for Beachside, Glaum gains, Zayante mysteries & ‘foodies’ vs. ‘buffs’

Chef John Harry at work
(Via Liz Birnbaum / The Curated Feast)

Lily Belli on Food: This week, Sean Venus tapped local chef John Harry to be the chef de cuisine at what will be Venus Spirits Cocktails & Kitchen Beachside. Lily has more on that and much more.

Anonymous complaints have curtailed New Bohemia’s outdoor business, cost it $25,000 and forced layoffs

New Bohemia Brewing Co. on 41st Avenue
(Via Facebook)

What happened? With outdoor operations all the rage under COVID, will New Bohemia Brewing Company’s struggles be shared by others? Lily has the scoop here.

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