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LOOKOUT PM: Lily Belli on Food returns, Part 2 of Omicron’s toll on families, and a local in the MLB

Good day, folks,

I hope everyone managed to stay cool today. It was a hot one, that’s for sure. As a matter of fact, the National Weather Service measured the temperature at a scorching 103 degrees this afternoon!

Luckily, the temperatures for the rest of the week are supposed to remain in the mid-to-high 70s.

Anyway’s, Lily’s back from her vacation in Montreal, and is coming at you with the latest edition of her newsletter.

Let’s begin there...

Trout Farm Inn resurrected, Alice Waters at UCSC and Michelin misses

College Ten students Cheru Robinson and Ray Diaz start the John R. Lewis dedication ceremony at the Quarry Amphitheater
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Lily Belli on Food: Lily shares some news about the Trout Farm’s new life, some Santa Cruz County restaurants that the Michelin Guide overlooked, and tells us about her new favorite Seabright Deli sandwich. Read the whole thing here.

EATERS DIGEST: Seabright Deli delights, Alderwood expands chef’s counter and Capitola Tap House opens


Parenting with Omicron: Santa Cruz families with young kids tell their stories of a ‘lost month’

A visiting nurse prepares a syringe to be used for the vaccine.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Part 2: Farmworkers, teachers, nurses, physical therapists and writers — all parents — had to scramble as the virus upended their lives. Lookout parenting columnist Liza Monroy talks with four local families — from Watsonville to Ben Lomond — about their experience with Omicron. Read it all from Liza Monroy here.

PART 1: The Omicron Experience: Families with young children — including mine — still face pandemic purgatories

From Aptos to MLB via Auckland, Oakland A’s pitcher and Aptos High alum Jared Koenig on his new life

Welcome to the show: A yearslong journey through different levels of professional baseball finally paid off for Jared Koenig, who made his major league debut June 8. Though he is just starting to live out his dream, that high comes with a very different perspective. “You’re at the top now, there’s nowhere else to go,” said Koenig. Read the Q&A here.

‘I had to hurt my body’ to get around campus: UCSC should improve access for people with disabilities

Heather Blume
(Via Amanda Quirk)

From Community Voices: Amanda Quirk wants UC Santa Cruz to improve its access for students with disabilities. She spent five years as a Ph.D. student in astronomy and astrophysics and struggled to navigate the campus’ hills, rocky paths and roads without sidewalks. The university and city, she says, need to do better. Already, too many talented students choose to go elsewhere. Read her op-ed here.

PREVIOUSLY: Ernestina Saldaña knows Santa Cruz can do better

The real ‘miracle’ of the Jan. 6 hearings? Republicans and Democrats working together

A sexual abuse victim points to the photos of Catholic priests accused of sexual misconduct
(J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

Coming together? In a hyper-partisan political environment, the faint glimmers of bipartisanship on display have been one of the hearings’ biggest revelations of all. More from the L.A. Times here.

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And that’ll round out a sweltering first day of summer here at Lookout. Keep cool, and talk to you tomorrow!

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