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LOOKOUT PM: Tomato time, Nat Young bounces back, and ‘The End of Rain’

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Looks like I may have spoken a tad too soon regarding the weather. The temperature was perfectly normal, but the sky was much more overcast than anticipated. Still, I hope you got some fresh air today.

We’re going to kick off this evening with Lily’s latest newsletter, in which she has her eyes out for a particular summer fruit...

Tomato Red Alert, a summer podcast playlist and Watsonville leads in compost

College Ten students Cheru Robinson and Ray Diaz start the John R. Lewis dedication ceremony at the Quarry Amphitheater
(Via Pixabay)

Lily Belli on Food: Tomatoes galore, a slew of food-related podcasts, and some surprisingly interesting stuff in the Capitola Mall highlight Lily’s newsletter. Read it all here.

VENUS BEACHSIDE: A creative, nuanced addition to the traditional comforts of Rio Del Mar


Nat Young’s pro surfing comeback a byproduct of passion, perseverance, family

Bikini lady pic
(Matt Dunbar/World Surf League)

Calm after the storm: Santa Cruz surfer Nat Young is the top professional wave rider that Surf City has ever produced. But hanging onto your spot among the World Surf League’s top competitors is no small feat and Young’s tumultuous land life — watching his mom Rosie lose an extended battle with cancer — took a severe toll on his psyche. Sixteen months after her death, Young’s spirited and meditative comeback is in full swing. And this is only Chapter 1. Mark has the story.

SOUL SHAPER: Why does surfboard craftsman Ward Coffey do it all by hand? It’s the only way he knows

Santa Cruz composer reflects on California’s new climate normal

Aptos resident Kelly Spellman at the Blossom's Farmstore & Coffeeshop.
(Via Michael Altobello)

‘The End of Rain’: Santa Cruz native Scott Ordway will be on hand July 29 when the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music presents the world premiere of his multimedia meditation on life amid the threats of drought and wildfire. Wallace has the story.

Santa Cruz’s parking garage mistake: It would undermine library project, make affordable housing harder

A sexual abuse victim points to the photos of Catholic priests accused of sexual misconduct
(courtesy of Rick Longinotti)

Opinion: Santa Cruz voters delivered a historic “no” vote on Measure F last month. Rick Longinotti attributes this to mistrust in city government. Longinotti believes city staff buried a consultant’s downtown parking strategic plan to win city council support for a new parking garage to be constructed along with a new downtown library. Read Rick Longinotti’s op-ed here.

Check out our opinion section, Community Voices.

ICE banned from using contractors to arrest immigrants at California jails, prisons

Students from Miguel Contreras Learning Center high school in Los Angeles demonstrate in front of City Hall

New rules: A settlement bans U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials from leaning on private contractors to arrest immigrants at state prisons and jails. More from the L.A. Times here.

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Well, that’s all we’ve got for you on this gloomy Tuesday. Catch you all tomorrow!

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