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Sunday Reads: Female surfers fighting for equality; has Santa Cruz lost its edge?

Backlash over contest reignites discussion about gender equality in surfing

Local longboarding legend Ashley Lloyd.
(Courtesy Boots McGhee)

Basic fairness: In 2019, California lawmakers passed a law that required any contest held on state land to have equal payouts regardless of gender. But in October, the O’Neill Freak Show competition initially advertised a payout of $10,000 for the male winner but $1,000 for the female one. Though this was made equal when the contest actually occurred, it sparked a conversation whether the industry is doing enough. Lookout’s Liza Monroy and Mark Conley have more on the issue here.

Cabrillo vice president charged with embezzlement: What happens next?

Next steps: On Thursday, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced it had charged Paul De La Cerda with two felony counts related to his time at East Los Angeles College. Specifically, prosecutors accused him of overbilling the college about $1,600 for trips he took as part of that job. The next meeting of the Cabrillo College Board of Trustees is scheduled for Monday evening. Though unclear whether the issue will be discussed, the closed session agenda includes an item for employee discipline or termination. Read more on the story here.

Is Santa Cruz still weird, or have we lost our edge?

Bookshop Santa Cruz took a cue from Austin.

WALLACE BAINE: The 1987 movie “The Lost Boys” didn’t use the name “Santa Cruz” as the city in the center of the action, but it really showcased the counterculture charm and weirdness of the place at the time. Lookout’s Wallace Baine wonders whether that ethos still holds. Read more about his thoughts here.

Best of the week (ICYMI) ...

Heidi Rhodes of H&H Fresh Fish Co. holds Dungeness crab from Northern California in the Santa Cruz Harbor.
Owner Heidi Rhodes reports that H&H Fresh Fish Co. is offering crab from Northern California at their retail shop in the Santa Cruz Harbor.
(Provided by H&H Fresh Fish Co.)

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