Satellite view of the rail corridor in Santa Cruz County.
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Sunday Reads: Lookout’s 22 Storylines for 2022 + Wallace’s fun predictions

Wallace Baine: I’ve got your surefire predictions for 2022 in Santa Cruz

Despite the rumors, Donald Trump is not tending bar at Sir Froggy's Pub.
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Like Donald at Sir Froggy’s, but better: Whether you get them right or not, it’s always fun to throw wild — sometimes silly — guesses at the wall and see if they stick. So that is what Wallace did. Who knows, maybe Klay Thompson will stick around town for the breakfast burritos. Find out about that and more here.

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22 Storylines for 2022: Lookout previews the big topics ahead

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Looking forward: Bye, bye, 2021. Hardly knew ya. Or knew ya too well perhaps. It is now time to cobble together that 2022 planner we always say we’ll get ahead on and be totally prepared for everything. Well, we know how that goes. At least we here at Lookout are doing our part to get everyone ahead of the game by combing through the largest topics that lie ahead. Go here for your rundown.

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‘We’ve lost Tom’: Fatal shark attack in Morro Bay devastates family, alarms surf community

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

A shocking loss: A family grieves and a surfing community is wary after a great white shark kills a 42-year-old bodyboarder in Morro Bay on Christmas Eve. Tomas Butterfield, of Sacramento, was about 100 yards off the shore of Morro Strand State Beach when his body was found still attached to his board. The tragic story here.

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