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Sunday Reads: Unhoused Santa Cruz spotlights the bittersweet family challenge

The struggle for families is real — and for one family, tragedy followed triumph

Leticia Sandoval
(Via Leticia Sandoval)

Unhoused Santa Cruz: The number of families experiencing homelessness in Santa Cruz County continues to increase despite the efforts by local leaders to prioritize them. Lookout learned that the number hit a two-year high in January after spiking by 27% over the past six months. One family saw the hard work needed to get rehoused finally pay off. During their day of celebration, tragedy struck. Mark Conley has the story here.

John Craigie’s longing for home stands out among the best songs ever written about California

Wallace Baine: A Santa Cruz cameo in a Super Bowl ad brings columnist Wallace Baine to thinking about one of Ingelwood’s native sons — the venue of this year’s football fest — and that person’s contributions to the musical mystic that is California. John Craigie, who performs locally next month, went to UCSC in the 90s and was transformed by the experience. Mr. Baine talks California songs here.

How big a Board of Supervisors shake-up will the June election bring?

Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson and Justin Cummings

The change ahead: With now two open seats, diversity and change overall are in the air. How much change, led by whom and to what kinds of new spending and policy priorities, will be key questions to follow as both races heat up. It was just last week the second open seat appeared, as South County District 4 Supervisor Greg Caput surprised many by saying he wouldn’t run for re-election after 12 years in the job. Mark Conley & Grace Stetson with a closer look.