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Sunday Reads: Farm-to-table dining is back! Troubles at the MAH?

Your guide to Santa Cruz County’s farm-to-table dinners — which are back in a big way

Expect jaw-dropping locations at Outstanding in the Field's events.
(Via Outstanding in the Field)

They wanted ‘more!’: With a two-year pause leading to extra high demand, local chefs, farms and winemakers are putting on their best al fresco show with a full calendar of farm-to-table meals, tasting salons and special outdoor dinners. Here’s Lily Belli’s full guide to the season ahead.

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What’s up with the MAH? Layoffs highlight uncertainty of this post-pandemic period

mah red dot
(Lookout Santa Cruz Staff)

Wallace Baine: News that the Museum of Art & History laid off three full-time staffers earlier this month raises larger questions about how solid the footing is for Santa Cruz County’s most prominent arts organization. Wallace with the details here.

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Knowing when you’re not OK: An Olympian’s mental health mission

Izzy Connor is a freshman delving into the world of astrophysics.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

UCSC’s Izzy Connor shares: COVID-19 has upended the sense of well-being for many, with more people experiencing the far ends of anxiety and depression. Some of them are now speaking out on their experience. UC Santa Cruz astrophysics major Isabelle Connor, who last summer in Tokyo completed her yearslong mission to make the U.S. rhythmic gymnastics team and compete in the Olympic Games, is one of them. Mark Conley with the story.

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