The rail corridor between two mobile home parks in Live Oak.
(Via Manu Koenig)
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Sunday Reads: Gonzo for Sheriff & a place by place understanding of Measure D

Gonzo for Sheriff: MAH tells story of Hunter S. Thompson’s bid for office

Art by Ralph Steadman and photography by David Hiser - Courtesy of Freak Power Art Collection
(Via Freak Power Art Collection)

Through art and the man’s own writings, “Freak Power” chronicles famous bad-boy journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s 1970 run for sheriff in Aspen, Colorado. Wallace Baine has the fun story.

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Get your head straight on Measure D: Walk the coastal corridor

Measure D is giving us all a headache. Part of the problem is perspective, 1st District Santa Cruz County Supervisor Manu Koenig writes. Our views are shaped by where we live. Koenig says we need to respect each others’ differences and be open to changing our minds. Take a stroll with Manu.

Another bummer coronavirus summer for California? Cases keep rising along with concerns


Coronavirus cases are increasing, in many areas at an accelerating pace. Authorities have not yet expressed alarm about the state of California’s hospitals or imposed far-reaching new rules to blunt the virus’ spread. The LA Times explores this here.

‘They’re not trying to die’: How drug checking aims to protect users in a messy market

Close-up of hands holding a piece of foil with substances on it

Overdoses claimed some 107,000 lives last year in the U.S. Public health advocates, researchers and activists want to help people find out what is in their drugs. The LA Times dives deep on the issue here.

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