The desolate ticket window at the Nickelodeon Theatre in downtown Santa Cruz
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Morning Lookout: Hard slushies and some serious arthouse movie dreams

Good morning! It’s Thursday, July 14.

After the patchy fog and drizzle burns off, we’ll be back to weather bliss today: mostly upper 70s and sunny throughout the county.

Sounds like excellent conditions for grabbing a hard slushie and a cool spot in the semi-shade. We bring this up because it’s a real live thing kinda going big here in Santa Cruz County and our very own Lily Belli knows exactly how to get to the bottom of such phenomena.

If the dream of two cinemafiles comes true, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a boozy slushie at their establishment. That’s because they envision an arthouse movie experience that includes a lot more than a box of Milk Duds and some brewers yeast-topped popcorn.

Nothing against The Nick experience — and most other modern movie theaters that will even serve up some decent food and a pint — but these two are looking a little bit more into the now with what constitutes the modern movie experience. And they seem to have some pretty hearty local supporters backing their vision. Can they find the location and the cash? Max Chun explores that for us.

Nat Young’s quarterfinal hopes were dashed by Brazil’s Italo Ferreira in a close battle at Jeffreys Bay early this morning. The ninth-place finish will help Nat in his quest to requalify for the 2023 World Surf League season though. You can watch the replay of his heat here. The conditions at J-Bay have been nothing short of epic.

To the headlines of the day we go...

Post Nickelodeon, can Santa Cruz become a film lover’s paradise? A couple with deep industry ties thinks so

Marja Adriance and Dennis Bartok want to rejuvenate the arthouse film scene in Santa Cruz.
(Via Marja Adriance)

Dennis Bartok and Marja Adriance have an ambitious vision for a nonprofit, arthouse film center that would take over for the long-beloved, but beleaguered Nickelodeon Theater in downtown Santa Cruz — or find another venue. The couple wants to offer a wide array of restored classic and cult films and even add a cafe or wine bar. But as the pandemic lingers, a possible recession looms, they face starting costs of at least $5 million. Can they pull it off? Max has the details here.

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Slurps up!: Lily’s guide to the best hard slushies in Santa Cruz County

Stockwell Cellars added Wine-arita, White Sangria and Red Sangria slushies to their menu in May.
(Photo by Stockwell Cellars)

Here are a dozen places to celebrate the summer with a cold buzz (beware of the brain freeze!) — and leave 7-11 Slurpee machine memories far in the rear-view mirror. Lily with the he slushy truth.

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