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Morning Lookout: Webb’s connection to our UCSC universe, and some snazzy snacks

Good morning this fine Friday, July 15, all,

It’s Giovanni again, back in the saddle. Expect more of the same summery Santa Cruz weather today as the marine layer burns off: mostly upper 70s and sunny throughout the county.

If you’re wondering how in the world — or universe, really — the James Webb Space Telescope could have a connection with a small coastal county in California, just wait until you read Hillary Ojeda’s story below.

Don’t space out on the many food options in Lily’s latest Eaters Digest, though. There’s something tasty for everyone as we head into the third weekend of July. (Can you believe how fast this year is going?)

On a serious note: I know that for some of you, this summer won’t always be fun in the sun — and that’s ok. Maybe inflation or COVID has forced you to scrap plans months in the making. Perhaps you’re mourning the loss of loved ones during the pandemic who may have joined a family vacation or backyard BBQ this month.

Whatever it might be, take care of yourself, and know that you are seen by me and many others who understand the grieving process is unique to each individual.

Let’s head off to the headlines ...

‘I said stupid things like ‘Wow’’: Two UCSC astronomers working on the Webb Space Telescope describe joy

A side-by-side comparison of the Southern Ring Nebula in near-infrared light, left, and mid-infrared light, right.
(Via NASA)

UC Santa Cruz Astronomer Emeritus Garth Illingworth is one of the original thinkers behind the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope. For UCSC Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics Brant Robertson, the promise of the Webb telescope encouraged him to pursue astronomy. Both talked to Lookout about what this moment means for them. Hillary has the details here.

ANOTHER UCSC/NASA TIE: ‘I do expect something unexpected’: Two UCSC scientists set to join NASA mission in Korea

EATERS DIGEST: Top local Yelp spots, an Asian snack shack and a Pretty Good burger

What would've been Pretty Good Advice on Wednesday: Get to Pretty Good Advice!
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

This week’s roundup of great things to eat in the county includes a veggie smash burger, Asian snacks and fiddlehead ferns. Lily with the food news menu.

MORE EATS: Read all of Lily’s work, here.

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Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend!

Giovanni Moujaes
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