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Sunday Reads: Time for trivia; experts push back on ODOF

Wallace Baine’s non-trivial Trivia Night launches next week

From the trivia master: Turns out the universe has a lottery, and today I’m holding the winning ticket, both soaking in the hot springs and washing dishes, at this Nirvana on a hot edge of the Pacific. This is a peak experience for those with aging worn-down bodies, and I’m thinking of all those who may have trod these paths and seen these sights. Did Alan Watts or Joseph Campbell stand in this spot and admire this view? Did Ram Dass or Aldous Huxley sit on this grass? Wallace with the facts.


Stick to Santa Cruz’s downtown library and affordable housing plans: don’t fall for ODOF’s two big mistakes

The new downtown library project, which the Santa Cruz City Council approved after years of study and public input.
(Courtesy of Don Lane)

The future of a visionary downtown Santa Cruz project to deliver 124 units of affordable housing, a modern library and a childcare center is threatened by a misguided ballot measure built on falsehoods and half-truths. Three experts push back on arguments made by Our Downtown Our Future leaders, including Rick Longinotti. Read their op-ed here.

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