Getting up close with the blooming corpse flower.
(Jody K. Biehl / Lookout Santa Cruz)
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Morning Lookout: Corpse bloom is on, cancer research at UCSC and help for Watsonville hospital

Hello there, dear readers! Today is Tuesday, Aug. 2, and while I hope I’m wrong and we see a little more rain, the forecast is calling for a mix of sun and clouds around Santa Cruz County, with highs ranging from the 70s to the 90s.

If you gave up on UCSC’s corpse flower after the school’s arboretum pronounced it dead Saturday, trust me, you’re not alone. So you won’t be the only one surprised to hear that the celebrity plant has in fact bloomed, releasing the stench for which it’s named. The bloom typically starts to decay after 24 hours, so read on for more details about how to get a whiff.

Staying on campus, Hillary Ojeda has a Q&A with assistant professor Daniel Kim, whose lab is spearheading research that could help detect cancer in earlier, preventable stages.

And in a Community Voices op-ed, local business leaders report on efforts to save Watsonville Community Hospital and ask for help in closing what’s become a narrow fundraising gap.

There’s plenty more in Tuesday’s headlines, including California declaring a state of emergency over monkeypox and the latest local COVID numbers, so let’s get to it.

Back from the dead: Corpse flower blooms after all at UC Santa Cruz

Up close with the blooming corpse flower.
(Jody K. Biehl / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Tender, loving care from arboretum director Martin Quigley — and an unusually humid Monday — resurrected a bloom that was given up for dead over the weekend. The latest twist.

PREVIOUSLY: ‘Our corpse flower is truly a corpse’: Bloom appears off for famous UCSC plant (Lookout)

We’re so close to saving Watsonville hospital; your help is crucial now

Watsonville Community Hospital
(Via Dori Rose Inda)

A group trying to save Watsonville Community Hospital has raised slightly more than $59 million in the past six months to acquire the bankrupt institution — one of only two hospitals in Santa Cruz County. The group still needs $7.8 million more and is looking for additional community help. In a Community Voices op-ed, 19 local business leaders outline why the hospital is worth saving and why the business plan is solid. Read the full opinion piece here.

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If the corpse flower has taught us anything, it’s that it’s never too late to bloom — so get on out there! (Just maybe without the stank.)

Will McCahill
Lookout Santa Cruz