READ THE STORY: Is it time to jettison the name ‘Cabrillo’? Or, in fact, time to double down on it?
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Morning Lookout: Historian talks Cabrillo name change, voter turnout lags and local GOP blues

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With the renaming of Cabrillo College remaining a hot topic — and one you can weigh in on here — Hillary Ojeda spoke with local historian Sandy Lydon for the latest in our series of Lookout Q&As. “I think a very courageous thing could have been to leave the name and explain the complexity,” Lydon says.

Meanwhile, voter turnout was down across California in Election 2022 after big numbers in 2018 and 2020 — though not as much in Santa Cruz County as in its neighbors. “I don’t think it’s shocking but it is disappointing,” one observer tells Christopher Neely.

Local politics is also on Wallace Baine’s mind, and more specifically the balance of power in heavily Democratic Santa Cruz County. “For local Republicans, blue is the color of ice,” Wallace writes, “and they’re trapped in a deep freeze.”

And while outgoing county supervisor Ryan Coonerty isn’t tuning out politics altogether, he writes in our Community Voices opinion section, he’d be fine if we didn’t see any more expensive, divisive propositions on our ballots for a while.

All that and more is among the Monday headlines, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Cabrillo College historian on how the school got its name and why some are opposed to changing it

Cabrillo College historian Sandy Lydon in 2019.
(Via Sandy Lydon)

Local historian and longtime Cabrillo College instructor Sandy Lydon started working at the college 10 years after it was founded. He saw the college establish its reputation, and tells Lookout what the name Cabrillo means to him. Lydon wouldn’t name the college after Cabrillo today if he had the chance, but now that the school has voted to change its name, he hopes people won’t forget all it has accomplished. Read his Q&A with Hillary Ojeda.

MORE: With name change, Cabrillo College faces a reckoning over issues of history and identity (Lookout)

Voter turnout fell by 10 points in Santa Cruz County — and more in surrounding counties

A heat map showing how Santa Cruz County voted in the 2022 midterm election.
(Blaire Hobbs / Lookout Santa Cruz)

The predictions that voter turnout highs in 2018 and 2020 would carry into the 2022 midterm election didn’t play out in California or Santa Cruz County. Christopher Neely crunches the numbers, with charts from Blaire Hobbs.

MORE: Election 2022: Vote count nears finish line in Santa Cruz County (Lookout)


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