Alfred Hitchcock in his garden at his estate north of Scotts Valley.
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Sunday Reads: Scotts Valley leans into Hitchcock, conquering deportation fears & our weekly news quiz

Hitch craft: New Scotts Valley festival celebrates local connections to the great Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock with a cigar in his mouth, on which is perched a bird

Many in Santa Cruz County know that legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock had a retreat in Scotts Valley, and with the city’s new performing arts center providing a worthy setting, locals aim to burnish that connection March 10-11 with a celebration including film screenings, historical presentations and a costume contest. Dial W for Wallace ... Baine’s Sunday column.

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I grew up scared my family would be deported; now I want everyone to know our story

Britney Baldelomar (front) spent more than a decade worrying that her parents and older siblings would get deported.
(Via Britney Baldelomar )

Britney Baldelomar, a fourth-year UC Santa Cruz student, is the only one in her family born in America, “with American opportunities.” Her parents and older siblings came from Bolivia before she was born. She spent decades living in fear her family would be caught, separated. She always wondered why her siblings didn’t go to college or have the same chances she did. Last year, she finally turned 21 and petitioned for their citizenship. Read her Community Voices opinion piece here.

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