Jack O'Neill and Harry Hind.
(Via Tracey Weiss)
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Sunday Reads: Local theater at a crossroads, celebrating Jack O’Neill’s 100th & take our news quiz

With Jewel prepared to take final bow, what’s the future of theater, other performing arts in Santa Cruz?

Where Jewel Theatre Company struggled to revive its audience numbers after the COVID shutdown, Santa Cruz Shakespeare had a banner season in 2022. Indoors vs. outdoors is certainly a factor, but what of shifting demographics, economics, attention spans in the smartphone age? And is there a secret sauce in local audiences’ tolerance for new or unfamiliar styles? Wallace Baine explores in his Sunday column.

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On Jack O’Neill’s 100th birthday, let’s celebrate ocean protection and education

Jack O'Neill viewed establishing the O'Neill Sea Odyssey youth education program as his greatest achievement.
(Via Tracey Weiss)

People associate Jack O’Neill, who died in 2017 at the age of 94, with inventing the wetsuit, which allowed him and other surfers to spend more time in cold water. As we approach what would have been his 100th birthday on Monday, Tracey Weiss, executive director of O’Neill Sea Odyssey, encourages us to celebrate Jack’s role in ocean protection and education. Jack called the program, which focuses on educating youth about the ocean, his “greatest achievement.” Read her Community Voices opinion piece here.

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Test your newsy knowledge with this week’s Lookout news quiz

How closely do you follow Santa Cruz County goings-on? Our 10-question quiz based on stories from Lookout correspondents and contributors puts you to the test. Click here to see how you fare.

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