Guests at a Homeless Garden Project Sustain Supper event
(Via Homeless Garden Project)
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Morning Lookout: SLV’s big pipeline repair project and tasty food & drink news

Hello hello! It is Wednesday, May 3, and we’ll be dodging the raindrops again around Santa Cruz County, with precip forecast to continue through the day as temps head into the 50s.

Moving at your own pace as we hit hump day? Definitely relatable.
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We’re headed to the Santa Cruz Mountains for a different sort of water-related story, with Max Chun reporting on a big project underway in the San Lorenzo Valley Water District. The Peavine Raw Water Pipeline, a key artery for nearly 2,400 customers that was destroyed in 2020’s CZU Complex fire, is now being replaced.

If you’re hungry for the latest in Santa Cruz County food and drink news, Lookout has that, too. Read on for dispatches from Jessica M. Pasko on a big fundraising dinner, a local fish jerky company aiming for a bigger stage and a cookbook author coming to town, among other tidbits.

Headlines ahoy!

The largest project ever for SLV Water District is underway, aiming to restore access to vital water sources

The pipeline shortly after the 2020 CZU
(Via San Lorenzo Valley Water District)

A project to replace the major Peavine Raw Water Pipeline in the Santa Cruz Mountains has begun its early stages, and with a price tag that could hit $60 million, San Lorenzo Valley Water District engineer Josh Wolff says it’s slated to be the most expensive undertaking in the water district’s history. Max Chun has the story.

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Vegetarian Japanese cooking, fish jerky goes big, Homeless Garden Project’s Sustain Supper

Plates laid out at a Homeless Garden Project Sustain Supper event
(Via Homeless Garden Project)

From Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s latest cookbook and upcoming convo at Bookshop Santa Cruz to a big chance for local company Pescavore and a rhubarb-centric event at Lupulo, Jessica M. Pasko has the local food and drink scene covered as she pinch-hits for Lily Belli. Check out her latest newsletter here.

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Stay safe out there, friends — see you Thursday.

Will McCahill
Lookout Santa Cruz