Rogue Roulette (left) and Xinistra (right) at the May 21 "Drag Story Time" event.
(Via Kat Armstrong)
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Sunday Reads: An open letter to Good Times and others; the Age of Doomscrolling; UCSC addresses antisemitism

The real ‘woke up’ call: Good Times does not get a pass after publishing a transphobic anonymous letter

Jorge Guillen (left), who goes by Xinistra, and Zak Keith, who goes by Rogue Roulette, at Santa Cruz Pride festivities.
(Via Jorge Guillen)

Xinistra and Rogue Roulette, two drag artists who participated in “Drag Story Time” in Watsonville last month, pen an open letter airing their anger and hurt over the anonymous homophobic and transphobic letter Good Times published about their event. That letter prompted both an apology from Good Times and a change in the publication’s leadership. They feel the weekly’s apology was inadequate and doesn’t address its systemic failure. “Merely apologizing and moving on is not enough,” they write. “Not in the current national climate. You don’t get to sweep this under the rug.” They also address the letter writer, local businesses, their fellow drag artists and queer community and you, the public. Read their Community Voices opinion piece here.

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In the Age of Doomscrolling, how do we find hope in the always-on drumbeat of bad news?

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The central experience of our era is a constant, surround-sound, 24/7, weaponized and ruthlessly engineered sense of doom, Wallace Baine writes. And while every era has its crises, our internet addiction and algorithms aimed at keeping us doomscrolling puts an extraordinary, crushing psychic weight on all of us. Find his Sunday column here.

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UCSC Jewish leaders say campus administration increasing efforts to address antisemitism

Two Aptos/La Selva fire trucks
UCSC campus
(Kevin Painchaud/Lookout Santa Cruz)

UC Santa Cruz Jewish students and leaders say that university administrators are ramping up their efforts to address antisemitism, nearly two months after reports of a Hitler birthday party on campus and other antisemitic and anti-LGBTQIA+ incidents in April shocked the community. UCSC announced its administrators will participate in a 16-month program led by Hillel International to help the university strengthen its support for Jewish students. Read the full story here.

MORE COVERAGE: Hitler birthday party at UCSC not investigated as a hate crime; law enforcement say incidents are a ‘very grey’ area

Cocoa-nuts rejoice: Santa Cruz County chocolatiers have a match for every dad this Father’s Day

Dads fawning over treats in a chocolate shop
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Got a dad in your life who’s a griller? A rocker? Sports fan? Practical joker? Father’s Day is nearly upon us, and Laura Sutherland has a guide to pairing Dad with offerings from local chocolate makers Marini’s, Tiny House, Donnelly, Mackenzies and Ashby Confections. You’ve got a week to make it happen.

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