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NEWS QUIZ: How closely did you pay attention to this week’s news in Santa Cruz County?

Introducing the Lookout Santa Cruz News Quiz. Each week, you can see how well you paid attention to events of the week so far. Take our quiz and test your news comprehension mettle!

How well do you pay attention to the news? Do you read just the headlines and a couple of paragraphs before you call it quits — or do you get to the bottom of every article you read?

We have a way to find out.

Lookout Santa Cruz is starting a weekly news quiz so you can test your knowledge of the goings-on in Santa Cruz County. This week was packed with news — from a Santa Cruz ordinance on homeless camping that drew community outrage, to vaccine eligibility expanding to everyone 16 and older statewide, to two local teachers on leave amid allegations of misconduct.

Take our quiz and see if you know what’s going on around here. And don’t worry, if you missed something, we have links under the quiz to the stories that contain the answers so you can read up and try again!

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