How to create your new Lookout login

We’ve heard you! You’ve told us how much you like what our team is doing and what we can do better. One of the “betters” is to solve a tech issue that’s made it hard to sign on and stay logged in.

Today, we completed that changeover, but one step remains... creating your new password. Follow the steps below to create your new Lookout login in under one minute.

  1. Click ‘Sign In’ in the top right corner
  2. On the Sign-in page, leave all boxes blank and click I forgot my password
  3. Enter your email address (the same one you received this email at) in the box and click restore
  4. Go to your email inbox, and open your password reset email that includes the link to reset your password. Click the link and set a new password!
Piano update email
change my password
Click the link in your email to reset the password
(Be sure to check your spam if you don’t see the email immediately!)

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