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Student Lookout: The Bagelry, Midtown Friday and a giant squid

Hey there, folks,

If you’re a Slug and you’re reading this, then congrats on surviving your first two days of classes! Don’t worry, it’ll get easier, I promise. As for the Seahawks, just keep on keepin’ on. Y’all are doing great, pals.

I hope you all enjoyed the rain last weekend as much as I did. That reminds me, I have a question for the Slugs. A friend of mine attending UCSC told me something about the schoolwide tradition called “First Rain.”

If anyone can confirm that this is actually a thing, or better yet, participated themselves, then please let me know via text. Sign up in the box below. I’m eager to hear your colorful stories.

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Well then, let’s get to it …

Deals Download

Check out some highlighted discounts just for students:

Don’t forget to have your student ID to get the discount.

Note: Many places — particularly in downtown Santa Cruz — offer student discounts, so just try asking at any store and you just might get 10% off!

What’s the best student deal you’ve found? Shoot us an email to let us know at studentlookout@lookoutlocal.com.

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Pacific Cookie Company: This deal was so good, we extended. Now through Thursday, Sept. 29, get a Buy One Get One cookie at Pacific Cookie Company (located in downtown Santa Cruz). Just show this screen to redeem!

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Eats on a budget

Anyone from the East Coast might grumble about California bagels, but when they’re as affordable as those at The Bagelry
, it’s totally worth it. With plenty of options, toppings, sandwich-style items, and locations downtown, in Seabright and in Soquel, The Bagelry is always a good option for a quick, cheap meal. It also offers discounted day-olds, if you need any more incentivizing.

If you love eating, cooking, and reading about food, be sure to check out the work from our local food expert, Lily Belli. Wine lovers, take note! Lily recently shared news that Bonny Doon Vineyard will open a tasting room in Aptos Village this fall. She also dispelled rumors that Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria had sold. Its owners have not done so, and have no plans to. Phew!

Inside Santa Cruz: Four unique Santa Cruz spots

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Recommended by former intern Aidan Warzecha-Watson

Arguably one of the best parts of Santa Cruz is how unique it is. While there are things that are traditional and can be found in many other cities, here are some off-the-beaten-path things to do in Santa Cruz.

  1. MeloMelo Kava Bar, noon-midnight: This downtown bar doesn’t serve alcohol. Instead, it opts for a South Pacific beverage made from kava root. Kava has been traditionally used for ceremonial, recreational and medicinal purposes. MeloMelo combines this traditional drink with a fun, modern, upbeat setting.
  2. Roxa Hammock Cafe, 11 a.m - 10 p.m.: As the name suggests, Roxa is the nation’s first cafe to offer the ability to kick back and relax in a hammock. It serves delicious acaí bowls, as well as nonalcoholic elixirs infused with substances the cafe claims enhance your quality of life and wellness.
  3. Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Wednesday through Monday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.: For anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on this purported sasquatch, look no further than the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Located in Felton, the Bigfoot Discovery Museum combines local Bigfoot sightings with local history and includes a detailed exhibit of the Patterson-Gimlin Film. For more information, check out a recent Q&A from Max Chun.
  4. Cement ship, sunrise to sunset: The SS Palo Alto, nicknamed the cement ship, has a lot of unique history. The ship was originally a tanker built close to the end of World War I. The war ended before the tanker could be used and it was intentionally grounded. The Palo Alto was then towed from Oakland to Aptos, off what is now Seacliff State Beach, and used as an entertainment ship, including a dance floor and swimming pool, until its owners went bankrupt during the Great Depression. The cement ship was briefly used as a fishing pier but has since deteriorated and no longer considered safe for public use. The cement ship is still a fun sight to see, both from the beach or from the pier.

Puzzle Center

Try out your mental skills with this new Wordle-like puzzle, WordroW. The theme is Santa Cruz County locations.

Around Town - Events

Did you know that we have an events calendar? BOLO, which stands for Be On the Lookout, is our hub for the best events in the county. See all the listings here.

Here are upcoming events we think students need to know about:

Friday, 5 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Midtown Friday
Come out to the second-to-last summer block party at 1111 Soquel Ave., a few doors down from Charlie Hong Kong. As usual, live music, local vendors, food and artists will be there to bolster the experience and ensure that there will be something for everyone. There’s only one more Midtown Friday installment next week, so make sure you get out there before it’s too late!

Saturday and Sunday, 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Pride Pint Nights
Swing by Greater Purpose Brewing Company on East Cliff Drive for a part-celebration-part-fundraiser pint night. Organized by The Neighbor’s Pub, a portion of the profits earned on these nights are donated to The Neighbor’s startup fund, which will go toward The Neighbor’s goal of opening an LGBTQ-centric pub in Santa Cruz. On these nights, there will be an outdoor market area featuring local artists, businesses, and nonprofits, too!

Sunday, 11 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
UCSC Fall Harvest Festival
Celebrate the beginning of fall with this very in-theme festival. The 2022 Harvest Festival will feature live music from Universe, Diggin Trails, and Rosa Azul, an apple-pie baking contest and salsa-making contest, hands-on workshops, kids’ activities, and more. Also, enjoy some delicious food from My Mom’s Mole, Fonda Felix (empanadas), Companion Bakeshop and Penny Ice Creamery and connect with campus and local organizations that will be tabling at the event throughout the day. Tip: It’s free for UCSC and Cabrillo students with a valid student ID!

➤ Want more? If you’re still looking for great things to do, check out Wallace Baine’s Weekender here.

More local jobs: Browse more open positions on the Lookout Job Board.

Game Time - College Athletics

UC Santa Cruz: The women’s golf team stood strong against some of the top teams in the country, finishing 11th at the Division III Fall Preview Tournament in Florida. Mikaela Paracuelles was the lowest-scoring Slug, finishing 19th among 94 golfers.

The men’s soccer team had quite the whirlwind of a game Saturday, netting a 3-3 draw against Menlo College in Atherton. Tanner Boyea, Adrian Jacobs and Pablo Santiago all scored goals.

Cabrillo College: The football team enjoyed a crushing victory against Yuba College last Saturday, winning 48-14. The Seahawks look to even their record at 2-2 on Saturday at Foothill College.

The men’s water polo team, finally able to get a squad together for the first time since the pandemic, lost to Las Positas College on Saturday, dropping their record to 4-5. Next up is a Friday visit from San Joaquin Delta.

One last thing …

Did you know? Did you know that a giant squid was found in Santa Cruz? In 2008, the remains of a 25-foot giant squid were found floating about 20 miles off the coast. It had been dead for roughly two days when it was found. Biologists guessed that the cause of death was likely an attack by a sperm whale. Due to the rarity of these creatures, this discovery provided an excellent research opportunity.

A dense kelp forest in Carmel Bay features mature and growing giant kelp as well as assorted species of understory algae.
(Via Michael Langhans)

We’re off to a great start this fall at Lookout, and I hope you are, too. You’ll be back in the swing of things before you know it.

Enjoy your weekend, and catch y’all on the flipside.

— Max

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