Armored truck robbed in Capitola; police searching for suspect

Bay Federal Credit Union's branch on Clares Street in Capitola.
(Via Bay Federal Credit Union)

The robbery occurred Wednesday at the Bay Federal Credit Union branch in Capitola. No one was injured and police were searching for the suspect as of Thursday afternoon.

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Capitola police are investigating an armed robbery that took place Wednesday morning at the Bay Federal Credit Union branch on Clares Street.

Capitola Police Captain Sarah Ryan said that the robbery took place between 11 a.m. and noon. The suspect — believed to be male — was armed and targeted an armored truck outside of the credit union. She added that the suspect was able to steal some money from the truck, but how much was not immediately clear. He never entered the building and no one was injured.

Ryan said that while it is not uncommon for officers to respond to criminal activity near banks, robberies are not particularly common.

“Security is better now and surveillance is everywhere, even in places you don’t realize,” she said.

Capitola police will review surveillance footage to determine the car that the suspect fled the scene in. As of 3 p.m. Wednesday, the suspect was still at large.


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