Victoria Tatum with son Eliot (right) and daughter Carly
(Via Victoria Tatum)
Sunday Reads Archive

Sunday Reads: A mother’s unwavering bond; where is the original Ferrell’s?

Mr. W: What my autistic son has taught me about motherhood

The family during Eliot's most recent visit to Santa Cruz
(Via Victoria Tatum)

Nurturing through adversity: Victoria Tatum has spent more than two decades fighting for services for her autistic son, Eliot. As her son became a teen, his anxiety made him increasingly violent. She thinks Santa Cruz families need better intervention, sooner, for families with special needs. Read her op-ed here.

Ask Lookout: Wait, which is the real original Ferrell’s Donuts?

Local chain Ferrell's Donuts has more than 70 years of history in Santa Cruz County.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

Donut detective: Seventy-three years ago, the first Ferrell’s started satisfying local tastes. Now there are five of them around the county, but answering that question of what’s “original” led us on a wild trek. Lily Belli shares her findings.


Grendel, Golems and Godzilla and more: For one weekend, UCSC becomes Monsters U

Heather Blume
(Via UC Santa Cruz Center for Monster Studies)

Marveling at monsters: The UC Santa Cruz Festival of Monsters, slated for May 20-22, asks big questions about the figures, sliding between life and death, that have captured the human imagination for centuries. Wallace Baine has the advance.

‘We’re here for you’: In wake of tragedy, Santa Cruz surfing community doubles down on generation next

Darryl Virostko talks to the "groms" assembled atop the cliff above Steamer Lane on Thursday.
(Kevin Painchaud / Lookout Santa Cruz)

A ocean of reflection: There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a proudly miscreant tone and attitude dominated Santa Cruz surf culture. Some of those who survived that tough period, including big-wave champion Darryl “Flea” Virostko, are trying to pay it forward. Meanwhile, those assembled at Steamer Lane on Thursday afternoon mourned two recent deaths and tried to put them into perspective. Mark Conley dives deeper.

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College Ten students Cheru Robinson and Ray Diaz start the John R. Lewis dedication ceremony at the Quarry Amphitheater
(Nik Altenberg/Lookout Santa Cruz)

UCSC celebrates John R. Lewis College dedication, with students engaging in some ‘good trouble’ (Hillary Ojeda)
EATERS DIGEST: Pizza Series, Gilman Brewing to replace two old Tony & Alba’s; Huda’s new flavor-packed vegan lunch (Lily Belli)
Weekender: Moms, monsters, free music and a bewitching trivia question (Wallace Baine)
Global health degree program launches at UCSC, connecting disciplines to address big questions of our time (Hillary Ojeda)
The Coffis Brothers’ ‘pandemic release’ looks on the bright side of life (Wallace Baine)