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Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay

We help families to help themselves.

Years of service: 31

Their story: Affordable housing tops the list of concerns for many in the region, and Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay has a proven model to help. Through the sweat of homebuyers and volunteers, the offshoot of the global nonprofit builds homes that are sold to low-income families — well below market price. The regional organization has built and sold more than 50 affordable homes to date. CEO Satish Rishi took the helm after retiring from a career in corporate finance. An immigrant who has lived in seven countries, Rishi says he’s seen what it takes to address deep disparities in a lasting way, and Habitat’s model does exactly that. “That’s a good way of solving a problem, where someone is part of the solution,” he says. Rishi notes that rising housing costs in the region only underscore the importance of their work.

Fundraising focus: General donations are targeted to these areas...

  • Single family affordable housing units: Their newest project, Rodeo Creek Court, will provide 11 new single family homes for families in Santa Cruz earning between 50-80% of the area median income. Homes are sold to families at an affordable mortgage, and they contribute 500 hours of sweat equity in the building of the homes
  • ADUs: To increase the number of affordable housing units, and provide much-needed revenue to low-income people in our communities, Habitat is working with municipal jurisdictions and homeowners to build accessory dwelling units on existing properties.
  • Team building: With the Covid-19 restrictions not allowing Habitat to utilize the 70+% of volunteer labor it takes to build homes, they are moving to a virtual and sponsorship-only model of corporate partner team building.
Satish Rishi
Satish Rishi

“Habitat is serving a very critical mission of providing affordable homes to families who need what we call a hand up, not a handout.”