Save The Waves
Civic Group
Save The Waves

Protecting surf ecosystems across the globe.

Founded: 2003

Their story: Save The Waves is a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect surf ecosystems across the globe. They create protected areas through our flagship World Surfing Reserve program and Surf Protected Area Networks. They manage projects around the world and encourage coastal stewardship through the Save The Waves App. They mount international campaigns to defend surf ecosystems under threat and inspire the public to take action.

Fundraising focus: Help Save The Waves scale our impact by supporting the World Surfing Reserve program to address key issues and threats identified in each reserve's Local Stewardship Plan, including those in our own backyard in Santa Cruz. Supporting the World Surfing Reserve program means increasing outreach and inclusion, supporting capacity building for Local Stewardship Councils, and increasing learning and knowledge sharing among the twelve dedicated reserves and Councils. From Costa Rica to Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and California, the World Surfing Reserve program needs your help to protect our most beloved coastlines.

Nik Strong-Cvetich
Chief Executive Officer

With many years of experience leading innovative conservation projects, Nik’s mission is to help provide coastal communities with the tools they need to be effective in valuing, protecting and managing their own natural resources.

We believe that legally protected areas, effective stewardship and a mobilized constituency result in healthy and protected surf ecosystems.