Save The Waves
Civic Group
Save The Waves

Protecting surf ecosystems across the globe.

Founded: 2001

Their story: Save The Waves is a global nonprofit organization with a dedicated mission to protect and preserve the coastal environment with a focus on the surf zone. They create protected areas through our flagship World Surfing Reserve program and Surf Protected Area Networks. They manage projects around the world and encourage coastal stewardship through our Save The Waves App. They mount international campaigns to defend surf ecosystems under threat and inspire the public to take action.

Fundraising focus: Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica was recently announced as the next World Surfing Reserve, a deserving addition to the growing network of recognized surf breaks. But the announcement of the prestigious title is only the beginning as each Reserve pursues projects that diminish threats and enhance the surf ecosystem. Learn more here.

Nik Strong-Cvetich
Executive director

With many years of experience leading innovative conservation projects, Nik’s mission is to help provide coastal communities with the tools they need to be effective in valuing, protecting and managing their own natural resources.

We believe that legally protected areas, effective stewardship and a mobilized constituency result in healthy and protected surf ecosystems.