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Everything is connected to the changing climate — every issue is connected


Years active: 4

Their story: In 2016, Nancy Faulstich and others in her community were frustrated by what they saw as a lack of action on climate change, which they viewed as the ultimate social justice issue. They founded Regeneración, with the aim of making a difference at the local level and working with the Pajaro Valley community to respond to climate change. Projects are aimed at those who are “the most impacted and the least responsible,” says Faulstich. A major part of this work is centered on the region’s farmworker community.

Fundraising focus: Climate of Hope 2020 was a means of climate change inspiration, analyzing how rising temperatures are affecting our whole agricultural community, while also putting farmworkers at the center of climate planning and adaptation. Watch the presentation that included the voices of farmworkers, growers, educators, health specialists, and legislators.

Nancy Faulstich
Executive Director

Nancy founded Regeneración in 2016 together with a small group of Pajaro Valley residents. Nancy was motivated to work for climate action and resilience upon realizing the plight that younger generations, including her daughter, will face. Her goal was for everyone in the Pajaro Valley to become fully aware of the reality of climate change and to move together to address the causes and fight for justice.

We can’t just keep cleaning up after today’s disasters without taking action on long-term sustainability.