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The iconic Catalyst Club: A must-visit for music aficionados in Santa Cruz

Presented by The Catalyst Club
The Catalyst Club
The legendary Santa Cruz music venue – Catalyst Club – has been hosting some of the biggest names and concerts for over 50 years
(The Catalyst Club)

If you’re a local music enthusiast and love to experience your favorite bands perform live, chances are you’ve heard of the iconic Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz.

This legendary venue has been hosting some of the biggest names in music for over 50 years. With a history spanning half a century, the Catalyst has become a beacon of change and creativity in the Bay Area, providing a platform for artists to showcase their talents while inspiring audiences to embrace new ideas.

The Catalyst’s story began in 1966 when Al and Patti DiLudovico, UC Santa Cruz Administrator Bryan Stockey, and Santa Cruz community leaders financed the opening of the Catalyst Coffee House and Delicatessen. Located in the Old St. George Hotel, the Catalyst was a hub of social activity, serving up coffee and cheap bites, hosting poetry and book readings, chess games, and, of course, musical performances to bring students, faculty, politicians, and neighbors across Santa Cruz County under one roof.

The Catalyst Club
Old-school music venue. The Catalyst opened in1966 as a coffee house and delicatessen.
(The Catalyst Club)

Three years later, the Catalyst was sold to Randall Kane, a colorful businessman known for his rainbow suspenders. Purchasing the Catalyst Coffee House was his first entrepreneurial venture and his first decision: get downtown. Kane moved the Catalyst into what is now Bookshop Santa Cruz on Pacific Avenue.

Once downtown, the Catalyst underwent a transformation and became a premier venue for live music, attracting some of the biggest names in the industry. Kane’s passion for art and adventure was reflected in the eclectic mix of performers he booked, from rock and hip-hop to reggae and indie acts. The club moved twice before settling into its current location, the former site of a bowling alley, where it continues to draw crowds from all over the Bay Area and beyond.

The Catalyst’s reach and impact reaches so much further than the Bay Area, and to be a part of something so iconic is truly gratifying.

— Kyle Mackey

Today, the Catalyst Club is one of the most beloved and renowned independently owned live music venues on the West Coast, offering an intimate setting that allows audiences to experience live music up close and personal. The Club features two main concert areas, the standing-room-only Main Floor and the more intimate Atrium room, which is perfect for smaller shows.

Over the years, the Catalyst has hosted an impressive array of musical acts, from legends like Neil Young and the Beach Boys to up-and-coming artists. Kyle Mackey, Director of Marketing, adds, “I hope that we can continue to be a place that generations will be able to experience. We are blessed to be a part of such an iconic piece of music history and it’s important to me that we hold that legacy.”

The Catalyst Club
The Catalyst features two main concert areas, the standing-room-only Main Floor and the more intimate Atrium room.
(The Catalyst Club)

Today, the club continues to attract a diverse crowd of music fans with the frequency and caliber of artists in constant evolution. Catalyst general manager, Igor Gavris and their booking team Thomas Cussins of Ineffable Music strive to bring in the biggest names in music possible.

However, the pandemic posed a significant challenge, with the Catalyst being one of the first to close and the last to open in Santa Cruz. Kyle reflects back on that time saying, “I honestly thought we weren’t going to open our doors. It was a scary time, but to sit so separated on the other side of the valley makes me truly appreciate this venue for what it is to this city.”

Jesse Daniels Catalyst Club
The Catalyst reopened in 2022 following the COVID pandemic. They’re now back at full capacity with an amazing spring 2023 lineup.
(Catalyst Club)

Despite these obstacles, the Catalyst persevered and reopened in 2022. They’re now back at full capacity with an amazing spring lineup.

After over 50 years of legendary shows and establishing a positive presence for both patrons and artists the Catalyst Club has ingrained itself into Santa Cruz’s rich history. And it’s only the beginning.

With an iconic history and a promising future, the Catalyst is a place where generations can experience the power of live music. Check out their upcoming show and experience the magic for yourself.

2023 Spring Lineup

The Catalyst Club
(The Catalyst Club)