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Tannery Arts Center to host free public art talk & tour event featuring new sculpture installations and mural

Sculpture at Tannery Arts Center
“Shadows of Light” by Caitlin Fullam at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz
(Arts Council Santa Cruz County)

The Tannery Arts Center is set to host a free public art event on April 22nd, showcasing a series of new public art projects produced by Arts Council Santa Cruz County in partnership with Radius Gallery, First Friday Art Tour, City of Santa Cruz Economic Development, John Stewart Company, and Artspace.

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(Arts Council Santa Cruz County)

The event will include tours and artist talks, providing the public with an opportunity to learn more about the new sculptures, murals, and community engagement activities featured in the series. These works reflect artists’ responses to movement, community health and connectivity, participatory design, and the environment.

Starting at 2 pm, the free and family-friendly event will take place at the Margaret Salz Lezin Memorial Garden, located at 1070 River Street by Arts Council Santa Cruz County’s office. Each artist will speak about their art practice and process, followed by a chance to chat with the artists and friends over refreshments at Radius Gallery.

This innovative public art series is a way to pull some of the creativity that happens in art studios and behind closed doors into the public eye.

— Ann Hazels, Director of Radius Gallery.

Among the projects featured in the series is exTANt, a collaboration between public historian Kathleen Aston and media artist Yulia Gilich. This audio tour will trace historical linkages between communities who lived and worked at the Tannery Arts Center, from Indigenous peoples and former Salz Tannery workers to Tannery Art Center live/work artists.

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Closeup of “Solace” by Mary Tartaro
(Arts Council Santa Cruz County)

Another featured project is Stellar Motion, a kinetic steel sculpture by Moto Ohtake, inspired by elements of nature on both a macro and micro level. Wind-driven, the sculpture provides viewers with infinite movements ranging from agitated to tranquil as weather patterns change, reminding us of our connection to the greater universe and heightening awareness of our immediate natural and built surroundings.

Also included in the series is Unlimited Language, a mural by Heejin Lee that reflects the color and substance present at the Tannery Arts Center. Lee connected with passersby and tenants while creating the mural, reflecting and listening to their experiences viewing it. She hopes that people who see the mural will feel a sense of connection and belonging, and enjoy and participate in the diverse forms of art at the Tannery.

For more information about the Public Art Talk & Tour event, visit the Tannery Arts Center website here.

Free Public Art Talk & Tour event at the Tannery Arts Center
  • Event
    Free Public Art Talk & Tour event at the Tannery Arts Center
    Come meet the artists and learn more about a series of 20+ public art projects produced throughout 2022 and 2023, in partnership with Arts Council Santa Cruz County, Radius Gallery and First Friday Art Tour.
    Saturday, April 22, 2023 - 2:00 PM