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Shopper’s Corner customer spotlight: Tendo Kironde

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For Tendo Kironde, a pediatrician and resident of Santa Cruz, shopping local is a top priority. When he and his family moved to the area four years ago, they discovered Shopper’s Corner, a family-owned market that quickly became their favorite.

Kironde was drawn to the ambiance and community feel of Shopper’s, recognizing it as a local staple. As a family-owned business, he feels that Shopper’s management takes pride in their store.

Shopper’s is something that we need to hold onto and keep Santa Cruz feeling like Santa Cruz.

— Tendo Kironde

In addition to the welcoming atmosphere, Kironde also praises Shopper’s for its fresh seafood, pasta selection, and commitment to featuring local products such as Watsonville produce, Sumano’s bread, Gizdich pies, Roberto’s salsa, Glaum eggs, and Driscoll berries.

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For Kironde, Shopper’s is also a family-friendly market. The staff is always friendly and welcoming to his two sons, and he appreciates their hard work, especially during the pandemic.

Kironde recommends Shopper’s Corner to anyone new to the area, praising it as the best market in Santa Cruz, and even suggests grabbing a Shopper’s hat as a souvenir.

As a long-time customer, Kironde’s experience at Shopper’s Corner is a testament to the store’s commitment to its customers, community, and local businesses.

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Get to know Tendo Kironde

Tendo Kironde, 4-Year Customer, Santa Cruz
Occupation: Pediatrician
Hobbies: Playing guitar, hiking with my kids; the beach, cooking

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