The Santa Cruz Wharf on Nov. 24, 2020.

Community & Commerce Intern

Arianna Fabian

Arianna Fabian joins Lookout Santa Cruz as an education intern. She is a first year student pursuing her bachelor’s degrees in education and psychology at UC Santa Cruz. Through her internship at Lookout she hopes to learn more about how education and local news can be intertwined and help students learn more about what is going on in the world around them.

With a strong interest in educational equity and social justice, Arianna believes that the Lookout internship will help her gain a deeper understanding of how news can help students become more aware and active in their communities. She believes that change has to be fostered within a smaller group of people in order to push towards a larger scale movement, and through education this can be an incredible opportunity. She is excited to work with Lookout Santa Cruz and sees the potential for future activism within the local community.