Xingyu headshot

Business Intern

Xingyu Lai

Xingyu Lai joins Lookout as a Business intern, during his third year in college majoring in Business Management Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Xingyu is very passionate about having a local, reliable news source as he understands the detrimental impacts that misinformation can have on society. He feels honored to be part of the Lookout team and is excited to be part of this essential service provided for the Santa Cruz community.

Xingyu takes a keen interest in the world of finance whether that is banking or corporate finance. He hopes to bring the skills and knowledge that he has acquired through his college career to Lookout’s business team and also learn what it is like to work for a local start up. During his free time, Xingyu likes to contemplate about his savings account and plan out the next steps in his life. He is also very much interested in the stock market and how news media has an impact on investors and consumers in general. He hopes to be a part of a positive impact on society and the economy and is excited that he has this opportunity to do so in Santa Cruz.